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  1. Hi all, I'm just planning a road trip later this year in the USA in a RAV4 :) Travelling 4500 miles from Portland OR to Chicago IL. I've attached a JPG showing a rough route I am planning. My overall plan is to visit every state in the USA (eventually). I have already visited CA, NV, UT, CO, AZ, NM. I had planned on ending in Chicago as I can get a direct flight back to the UK from here. Places already on my itinerary are: Yellowstone NP and Dallas (Southfork Ranch - yes, I know I am a TV geek!) If there are any fellow TOC members over in the USA that could give me some advice on places to visit and particularly places I should avoid (especially any neighborhoods to avoid) any help and advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Phil.
  2. pips

    Sat Nav

    I know this is totally off topic - but nontheless, absolutely hilarious! SatNav
  3. pips


    This is a common scam, and not always associated with specific websites. Read the article by Fred Langa who explains how this scam works. Basically it tries to scare you into believing your computer is infected and hopes that eventually it will persuade you to part with your credit card information. http://windowssecrets.com/2011/04/07/01-LizaMoon-infection-a-blow-by-blow-account Another similar scam that happened to one of my mates was a phone call from a lady supposedly from Microsoft, saying that there are errors on your PC. They eventually get your card information from you. Within 5 minutes he had given his credit card, and when he checked with the Halifax, he had lost £250. Lesson to EVERYONE - never ever give your card information to anyone or on a website that tries to tell you that your computer is infected. If in doubt - simply PULL THE PLUG on the PC - or hang up the phone. Phil..
  4. pips

    Rav4 Cargo

    This might help......
  5. My initial response last week to this thread was to give it a thumbs down. Having used it, it has definately grown on me. Everyone has different views, and the original post asked for people's opinions, I find that some of the replies have been downright rude! Come on guys, why not give constructive criticism to help improve the site? As for the comment above (quoted) apply that logic to cars, well if we didn't have change we wouldn't driving the cars of today would we! Phil.
  6. pips

    Car Doctor

    It could be a dirt blocking the injectors, can't think of anything else! :D
  7. Isn't that a Chinese meal for two?
  8. As I understood it, the first numerical digit will increment by 1, therefore they will become for this year xx 10 xxx and 6 months later instead of xx 50 xxx they will be xx 60 xxx Phil
  9. pips

    Rav 4 Cabriolet

    Thanks for the link and the photo - they look quite smart!! Did they only make them in the 4.1 variety? Cheers, Phil
  10. pips

    Rav 4 Cabriolet

    have u got any photos of your Ravriolet? Didn't know they existed, so will be interested to see one! Phil
  11. Hi all, Just received in the post today a voucher from RRG Denton (M34 3SH) offering me a free brake fluid change....... "...As a valued cuistomer and because we haven't seen you for a while and have no record of you recently changing your brake fluid, we would like to offer you a FREE brake fluid change to welcome you back as a valued customer......" etc. As I don't own the Rav anymore, the voucher is useless to me! So if anyone can use it and would like it - you're welcome to use it just PM me your address and I will send it on to you. (it doesn't say that it isn't transferrable to anyone else, so you should be okay to use it). The voucher is valid until 30th April 2009. Cheers, Phil
  12. The direct link to the vid is: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=k5UnNcX_j4A Sorry I can't help with the cause of the noise.
  13. The direct link to the vid is: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=k5UnNcX_j4A Sorry I can't help with the cause of the noise.
  14. Fantastic way to get revenge on the bl***y tow trucks! :D
  15. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7813022.stm
  16. Personally I use a fan heater inside the car to defrost mine. The original idea was posted on this forum (http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...&hl=defrost) where the heater was permanently mounted and a cable routed. At the moment, i just use an extension lead from the garage to the car, and have the heater mounted horizontally sat on the passenger seat. I only use it on the first setting (1kw), then lock the car and go back inside for breakfast. By the time I come out, all the ice has melted, and the car interior is a little warmer too :D Although, this is only good first thing in the morning, as there is no facility at work to do this (similarly if you don't park your car on a driveway you're gonna be stuck for electricity too. Cheers, Phil.
  17. pips

    Dab Adaptors

    I fitted one of these in my sporty a couple or so months ago. I experimented with the screen mount aerial that came with the highway and managed to find that the best position was centre of the screen behind the mirror pointing down. But even in this position I was regularly loosing signal as I drove round town. Eventually I bought the official external aerial (http://www.pureservicecentre.co.uk/acatalog/Aerials.html) and have never looked back since. There are a couple of "black spots" where I totally loose signal, but this is when I am usually adjacent to very tall buildings. Overall I am very impressed with the Highway and the external aerial. :)
  18. Nice one Hoovie - just gonna order myself an early xmas present :D Phil
  19. There are a couple of websites where you can enter your vehicle details and it will confirm your insurance status and also tell you how much your road fund will be and when it is due for renewal...... Insurance Checker ASKMID - http://www.askmid.com/askmid.aspx Road Fund Checker DVLA Vehicle Licensing Online - http://www.vehiclelicence.gov.uk (then click on VEHICLE ENQUIRY) There are warnings on the websites that you're only supposed to check your own vehicles! Apparently the insurance database is linked to the one that the Rozzer's use, so it's good to check that they aren't gonna pull you over for not having insurance :) Cheers, Phil.
  20. It's years since I played with braking systems (well to be honest, it was my first car a Mini Metro in 1987!) but from what i recall, if the pedal was soft and went to the floor it was symptomatic of either a leak or a rubber pipe that has gone soft, and instead of taking the pressure, it was expanding with the pressure. As you said that the problem disappears when you clamp off the rubber feeds to the front calipers, I would hazard a guess that these rubber feeds need replacing. Hope this helps. Phil
  21. I fitted mine last week and was going to wait a bit longer before replying on here, with photos of the installation, etc. But I just thought I'd add something to this for now. Mine is currently reading 12.3mpg, when the one in the factory stereo used to read 40.1mpg. You correctly stated that there's a system for calibrating your speed, etc., which obviously makes a difference. There's also one for calibrating the mpg. Basically, you manually tell it how much you put into the car each time you fill up, correcting its estimate - instructions are in the manual. I've only started this process today and expect to see some early results at the beginning of next week. It's amazing what you learn when you R.T.F.M. !! lol! I filled up on Sunday and have reset and also made sure I selected Diesel a and set my tank size. So when I'm next empty and fill up again it should hopefully improve things It seems to show really random results though - in 1st gear when setting off from the lights it shows between 2 and 7 mpg, then about 30mph it shows 12-15 but then if I get upto 40 and drop into 5th or 6th gear I can get anything between 35 and 48 mpg!! It's a pity it doesn't have an average MPG setting rather than an instant one (well ok, 2 second delay one) or maybe it does and I haven't read the manual properly. Like we said though, probably once we've done the second fill up using the same pump at the same time of day and with the car facing the same direction then we should start seeing more accurate results! Phil
  22. Hi Dave, You're quite correct in that I have moved on to a Sportage now -but still get emailed when new topics are posted here. Most of the time I can't reply as I don't have the RAV to refer to. I have signed up with the Kia Forums but in comparison to them, this forum is like the M25 at rush hour, lol!!. I've read the first bit of the manual now, and you have to set it up telling it gas(petrol)/diesel/lpg and size of engine. I suppose it will then work the figures out correctly :) I did start transfering my website into a content managed site, but with various things going on at work I've never got it finished. The old pages are still there, but you have to click the link to find them. Once I've got it finished I will go back and edit all my previous posts and correct any direct links that are in them. Will post my findings with the scanguage once I've got it all set up correctly. Cheers, Phil.
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