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  1. Happy Birthday witch!

  2. oi! that's not funny.. I told you to keep my new job a secret!!
  3. A "micro meet" Is that just for short people??? If so, it just you and me kid!!! :D
  4. Could I just have a bikini wax today please??
  5. I'm here now..I've just been busy, you know, working and I'm a little tired today.. someone kept me up half the night! ;)
  6. Ryan! I know what you were dying to say...but it's defiantely NOT a Badger :D
  7. I haven't even got a sticker to put in my rear window , how do I get one? Ryan, I'm sure you can come up with the goods...you normally do!!
  8. Love you!!!! sometimes I wish you were a badger in the road lol :D
  9. RYAN!!!!! I HATE YOU SO MUCH NOW!!! :ffs: Mind you I'm glad you used that pic and not the one we did later!!!!! :censor:
  10. helloooo!! Just noticed the Badger chat... my baby will have to be the star of the film!! Shall we call it "natural born (Badger) killers"??? :D
  11. Maybe Zee But your Toyota wears designer clothes!!!
  12. by far Zee must have the poshest job in this forum!!!! :o No wonder your Lexus looks sooo stunning!!! :D trot-on!
  13. lots of big lol's at scoob!! :D :D :D Poor Ryan, women are all bit*hes... I should know! I am also a single lady and I prefer it, no-one moaning at me all the time for cleaning (and lovin') my car, for being myself and having a laugh, boring Bas**rds. Most of my ex's (only a few, of course ) have been skint, lazy, two-timing wasters!!! SO THERE!!! lol I am the happiest I've been in years :D :D :D My quote of the day is (and then I'll get off the soap-box!!) :..... "The more cash I spend on my car, the more reliable it becomes... the more I spend on a man and the more concieted he becomes" Not bad for an average badger killer?? and I thought of that one all by myself! Chin-up Ryan the 17th will be here soon!!! :)
  14. Keep your hair on Ryan!!! I've just gone gold!! I look really funny now!! lol :D Cheque will be in first class post tonight. Gold Badger ;)
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