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  1. oi! that's not funny.. I told you to keep my new job a secret!!
  2. A "micro meet" Is that just for short people??? If so, it just you and me kid!!! :D
  3. Could I just have a bikini wax today please??
  4. I'm here now..I've just been busy, you know, working and I'm a little tired today.. someone kept me up half the night! ;)
  5. Ryan! I know what you were dying to say...but it's defiantely NOT a Badger :D
  6. I haven't even got a sticker to put in my rear window , how do I get one? Ryan, I'm sure you can come up with the goods...you normally do!!
  7. Love you!!!! sometimes I wish you were a badger in the road lol :D
  8. RYAN!!!!! I HATE YOU SO MUCH NOW!!! :ffs: Mind you I'm glad you used that pic and not the one we did later!!!!! :censor:
  9. helloooo!! Just noticed the Badger chat... my baby will have to be the star of the film!! Shall we call it "natural born (Badger) killers"??? :D
  10. Maybe Zee But your Toyota wears designer clothes!!!
  11. by far Zee must have the poshest job in this forum!!!! :o No wonder your Lexus looks sooo stunning!!! :D trot-on!
  12. lots of big lol's at scoob!! :D :D :D Poor Ryan, women are all bit*hes... I should know! I am also a single lady and I prefer it, no-one moaning at me all the time for cleaning (and lovin') my car, for being myself and having a laugh, boring Bas**rds. Most of my ex's (only a few, of course ) have been skint, lazy, two-timing wasters!!! SO THERE!!! lol I am the happiest I've been in years :D :D :D My quote of the day is (and then I'll get off the soap-box!!) :..... "The more cash I spend on my car, the more reliable it becomes... the more I spend on a man and the more concieted he becomes" Not bad for an average badger killer?? and I thought of that one all by myself! Chin-up Ryan the 17th will be here soon!!! :)
  13. Keep your hair on Ryan!!! I've just gone gold!! I look really funny now!! lol :D Cheque will be in first class post tonight. Gold Badger ;)
  14. You should be on a good wedge, Ryan. I thought anything to do with IT or "systems" was good pay? I think if I earned £millions I would still spend it!! mind you I am girl, and can't we spend... although I only ever spend my cash (or my kind credit card's) I've never been a kept lady! :(
  15. Thanks for that idea Scoob', Don't you think it may ruin her good looks and style?? Although I could get them to pop up from under the bonnet...sort of James Bond stylie??
  16. I ABLOLUTELY REFUSE to wash my baby in a skimpy bikini and lay accross her massaging myself in foam like I've not been laid in ages!!! eerrr, what a thought!!! :D :D :D :D I'm a Badger, not a !Removed!!! :P
  17. Hi Scoob :D Your job doesn't sound that bad, maybe you should change if you hate it? I currently work as a Sales Exec in a Renault Dealership, but I have just been offered a new job as a Finance Consultant for Renault Finance, which is a lot better paid and I only have to work 5 days a week. I will be covering the area between home and London, up to Oxford (Ryan will be pleased, I can call in and aggravate him!!), including the South Coast (should be nice now the summer's on it's way!!) I am sooooo excited :D , I really wanted the job, I had to go through loads of assessments and everthing and.... there was lots of competition, but they wanted lil' old Badger.. how cool!!! B) see, I can be serious sometimes! but only sometimes. I should have a little more spare cash to spend on the lil' badger killer!!! Well that's my good news. :P
  18. witch

    Alloy Wheels...

    Thanks Ryan I'm going to get wheelies this afternoon... I can't wait, this morning is just dragging so much! My credit card is at the ready and everything!! I just had to clean her last night so she'll all sexy. The blokey there said I should just have 215/40's all round??!! I was confused, as I really want 235 on the back, so I will actually have to insist when I get there. I'm not settling for thinnnies on the back, when she has 225's at the moment. Do you think he was wrong to suggest it? Badger :P
  19. witch

    Alloy Wheels...

    No offence taken Ryan... you no me!! Sorry to hear your baby may not be coming :( You can always help me clean my girl for the telly :D
  20. Ryan's obvioulsy bored again!!! :D
  21. witch

    Alloy Wheels...

    RYAN!!!!!!! You are so nasty.. I'm going to punch you when I next see you!!!! ... and to think I offered to help you clean your 2 on the day, so it looks all shiney for the film crew!! well it can just stay looking rubbish!!!
  22. witch

    Alloy Wheels...

    Thanks John!!! I'm going to see them this week!! They were very helpful on the phone.... cool, I may have new boots for my baby in time for the 17th!!! Badger Girl
  23. Should we (Badger & Roadrunner) have had our tickets through by now? Roadrunner sent the cheque off on the last Bank Holiday weekend.
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