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  1. lol magnets. Why don't you get some magic crystals and an invisible psychic powered rocket booster while your at it. Feel free to make a google vid of before/after dyno session and prove us wrong.
  2. Needs lots of carbon fiber and a big wing ;)
  3. vvti's effect is continuous across the entire rev range, it's not a cam switch like lift or vtec. The only thing I know of that opens up with revs on the 140 is the intake butterfly, and that just makes a bit more noise as it lets the air through. It won't really give a kick in acceleration, the revs just continue to climb in a linear fasion.
  4. I'd rather have lepracy than be stuck in that in the sunny south of France, with no air con, 3bhp of rattly citreon engine and all the style and finess of a car that resembles a rather startled looking beached whale. But you know...whatever floats yer boat :P
  5. Your Sports Car = Good Looking Car quote, are you applying this as a rule for all makes!! Surely not! When you think of cars like (& I won't bore you with my Camry for once.)the Citroen DS, what other Citroen has ever looked that good ? EVER! :P Yes, all makes. The Citreon DS... Seriously, you are joking arn't you? Words fail me...
  6. Your missing the point, trying to re-ignite an argument, and going way off topic... 'What is the Best Looking Toyota, Ever sold in the UK?'
  7. He's not arguing that the aygo is the best looking toyota is he? As he says, it's his daily drive.
  8. I'd go with 17's, particularly because of how much you'll save on tyres. If you got 18's, with lower profile tyres (to keep the rolling radius the same), I don't see how it'd effect fuel consumption unless the sheer weight of the wheels was particularly high. The only way it could effect ABS is if you fitted tyres that increased the overal rolling radius. The main problem with 18's is that you'd be getting down to a very low profile tyre. That means potentially more road noise, harsher handling (i.e. less tyre wall to absorb shock) and also alloys that are easier to buckle due to having less shock protection from the v. low profile tyres. Ultimatly it's up to you obviously, but personaly I'd go with 17's (and lowering springs :) )
  9. 'What is the Best Looking Toyota., Ever sold in the UK' The only candidates in this contest are all generations of Supra, Celica and MR2. Good looking car = sports car. It's not that there arn't good looking saloons, but nicest profile a car can have as ferrari, lambo, mclaren, aston martin etc aptly demonstrate is that of a sports car. If you prefer this over this, then I seriously question your sanity. :P I personaly love the gen 6 celica as I owned one, but best looking has to go to the mk2 MR2 I think.
  10. It sounds overly diplomatic, but it really depends heavily on what you do to the car. My facelift gen6 with leather interior, lowered with 17's, looked alot better than my dads gen 7. The interior was nicer, and more solidly built. It had alot more grunt as well but it was just the 140, however the gen 7 had a much nicer close 6 speed to make up for that. However, if it was the Gen 7 GT, it'd be a closer call. If you compare it to the fensport gen7, I'd take that, no contest! Easily nicer than your average gen 7 :) : Yours is looking good manphibian, personally I'd get the OEM side skirts to finish it off. In one pic it's brilliant red, in the other it's kinda faded, which is truer to life?
  11. I don't think the Proxes 4 are v. good, they arn't well rated on mytyres. You want the Proxes T1-R's. Proxes 4 Proxes T1-R
  12. Is your insurance that bad? I'm the same age with 3 years no claims, and my insurance was quite cheap when I was borrowing a gen7 140 (~£400 for a year). It's a bit steeper with the s2k but it's still alright. It was a bit of a struggle finding a decent quote but I found some reasonble ones on moneysupermarket.com. Also adding my folks as named drivers bought the price down a bit. And I just noticed your female, surely insurance is cheap as chips :) Personally I think I'd want to put my money into getting a 190 or a GT before doing any mods, particularly performance wise. I get the impression the 140 is not as physically strong an engine i.e ovaling out if pushed to hard. But if it's purely cosmetic stuff your after, there are a selection of kits here (you can choose different one's from the drop down list).
  13. The FT-HS is the supra replacment, it's going to be a hybrid. I think it's unlikely we'll see it before 2010 at the earliest.
  14. I'd just add that with a supercharger and the uprated brakes and suspention and bracing you'd need with it, you'd be taking the aygo beond 950kg probably. I'd also be suprised with its tyre size, wheel base, and center of gravity, if it could out corner somthing like a Celica. And being realistic, forced induction will also do considerable harm to emmisions, fuel economy and insurance. Even on an aygo. It's a light car, but the chassis is not elise light. 890kg kerb weight stock. I'm with Leeky, its a cheap and cheerful daily drive thats good on fuel. Charging it is exactly like 'trying to make a tortoise faster by giving it a pair of Addidas'.
  15. Is it too much body roll or is it too soft/bouncy? Lowering springs? If thats not enough, stiffer or adjustable shocks. Check the anti-roll bar is in tact and replace the anti-roll bar bushes. The bushes are pretty cheap from toyota, as are the roll bar drop links from TCB or ebay. When I had my Celica, I just had lowering springs, new drop links and bushes. The handling was pretty excellent round Nur, could have done with a global alignment for perfect stability though.
  16. Whats wrong with the suspention, does it knock?
  17. MIP

    Window Rattle

    I've tried that It doesn't go away until its > 70% up.
  18. MIP

    Window Rattle

    When my passenger side window is down, I get a bit of a rattle from inside the door when going over bumpy ground. Any idea's on what exactly's wrong? I'm not sure what it looks like in there, is the window on some rails? I'm hoping I can just tighten somthing!
  19. I fitted the new bushes this evening. The bar underneith wasn't worn at all, still had the black paint rather than bare metal. It's done the trick nicely, very happy. Cheers GT4 Booster!
  20. Easiest way to tell is to look at the rpm gauge. If it redlines around 7k, its a 140.
  21. New bushes arrive thursday, they are cheap fortunatly. Hopefully they'll do the trick on their own. Otherwise I'll be taking the cheap inner tube route, sounds good to me. I'll be able to see the state of the bar when I remove the old bush, as long as its not rusted, a cheap fix'll be fine.
  22. Thats great, thanks I'll get some anti-roll bar bushes ordered. Did you wrap the tubing along the bar from the bush to the drop link, or round one particular spot?
  23. I've got a bit of a knocking noise from the passenger side rear only when going over bumpy ground. What would people suggest to diagnose the problem? Keeping in mind, the car is lowered so I'm sure this'll make some things wear faster. Also I think I can illiminate the anti-roll bar links as they where replaced and still seems nice n tight. Some directions to things I could physically check would be great!
  24. The st202 isn't a turbo. I guess you mean the GT-four (st205). Try giving these people a ring.
  25. Yea exactly, 40mph ~ 4000rpm in second gear. Most of its power is from 4 to 7, so at that speed just blip the throttle and go for 2nd :) It'd be nice if the GT had a 6 speed like the gen7, but no, long gearing 5-speed unfortunatly.
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