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  1. Three differences I know of under the hood on my facelift GT: - Exhaust gas recirculation - Additional resonator box - Larger exhaust manifold Low down power is fine, reasonable torque from 2k, it still really picks up at about 4k. I imagine the VVTi version (beams engine) will deliver the best power across the rev range (of the 3SGE celica's).
  2. Its ACIS, an induction system in the engine that opens up (on my '98 it comes in around 4k). Not cam related like vtec. Try http://tcbparts.co.uk/ for the bits you're after.
  3. Yea, same guy. I obviously didn't manage to scare him like Jon did :)
  4. Great fun, credit to the camera man Sooty I9E331MZexQ http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=I9E331MZexQ
  5. I've got the green pads and I can't complain. Plenty of stopping power round Nur. 3-4 laps and they where still working well (though I wouldn't want to push them much more than that, quite hot, disks going blue). They seemed alot better than stock, though when I replaced the pads I also found one of the calipers had seized up at the bottom, so freeing that up would give me some good gains as well... so its hard for me to have a clear idea of how they really compare. If you're finding your brakes weak, you might have a similar issue with the caliper. Also to bare in mind, the Celica has great progressive brakes. E.g. they're not overly power assisted. If you want to brake hard, you push the pedal hard (as it should be).
  6. The second cambelt change you should do the waterpump (and possibly tensioner) at the same time. If the waterpump seizes it'll shred the cambelt, so change it, get the coolant flushed and make sure its filled up with toyota forlife.
  7. MIP

    1998 Celica Gt

    Yea I might become a smug honda type. There's an internal struggle in my brain between the s2k and the lotus elise (series 2 111S) at the moment. Today honda is winning by simple virtue that I can find and test drive one of their cars. The closest lotus dealer in Salisbury doesn't even have a single series 2 in stock :ffs: Cheers for vouching for the car dude It is rock solid in terms of reliability and running well.
  8. MIP

    1998 Celica Gt

    1998 UK Celica GT, facelift model, leather interior, 115k miles, Well looked after, runs smooth as silk, full service history*, taxed well into next year, bullet proof reliability, relativly cheap insurance *includes recent new clutch, recent cambelt/waterpump/tensioner change Eibach Springs Decat pipe (I still have the cat for it though), Blitz filter Superchips ICON 17" Alloys (I still have the original wheels as well) Toyo T1-R tyres EBC Greenstuff pads I'm looking for a nippy 2-seater convertable now, but the celica's a great handling four seater with a decent amount of power for a 2.0 N/A and not too bad on the petrol either, only took me half a £50 tank to get to Koblenz. I'm looking to get about 3k for her. PM me if you're interested, I'm in the Newbury area.
  9. Its all here (from the sticky at the top): Link
  10. No worries, i've a slot at 10am on Saturday, will get it scanned in hopefully over the weekend.
  11. Have you got a rolling road nr. you sotal? I'm getting mine done on Saturday, two graphs could put 7AFE vs 3SGE to bed :)
  12. Are you sure? ACIS is designed to maximize low down torque in the 3SGE. The GT can feel relativly slow in the low revs compared to how it launches itself at 4k, but really its quite drivable. I can imagine the 3SFE might be more set up to deliver its power lower in the rev range, but I'd be really suprised if the 7AFE could deliver more power or torque at any point in the rev range. Very nice!
  13. I'm guessing you're wanting to do this soon. I'm thinking of selling mine in the not to distant future, so if your at JAE or ever around Newbury way, you might want to have a look. I'd be selling at the very earliest, after JAE. Once I've worked out how i'm gonna finance the purchase of my next motor...
  14. MIP


    For a pre-made one, have a look on fensport.co.uk. Last time I looked, the only aftermarket one I found for my gen6 GT was a mongoose one, and it turns out you can have somthing custom made to your liking for not much more from somone like Longlife.
  15. Have you tried TCB? Link
  16. Camera or cameraphone, car with bonnet open, loaf of bread, photobucket.com Go!
  17. I can see you've got the airbox on the right. You'll need to open that up. Unplug that sensor and put it in the hole at the back of the airbox, then close up the box and plug that sensor in.
  18. That pipe I think goes into a smaller airbox to get filtered air: And from the sounds of things, the first thing I'd try for your MPG and engine cut is replacing the lambda o2 sensor and resetting the ecu (pull the smaller 'efi' fuse for about 10 seconds).
  19. I've just put on greenstuff pads (on standard disks). Admitedly I've not been driving on them very long and they're still bedding in, but they're already vastly stronger than the stock pads. They claim lower dust and higher temperature tolerance as well, so can't be bad can it? I did sort out a totally seized up sliding bolt on one of the front calipers at the same time (I had to, otherwise I couldn't fit the caliper round the thicker new pads), so that might be having an impact as well.
  20. MIP

    Wheel Size

    205/45/r17 on mine (lowered). I forget what each of the numbers relate to, but is 215 a larger diameter overall? In which case, you'd have an effect on your speedo's accuracy and give it kind of longer gearing? I don't know from experience myself, but I've heard some people say that over 17 will start to effect the ride comfort.
  21. MIP

    Gen 7 - Shape

    I think whichever generation, the celica always looks too high. With lowering springs keeping the wheels neatly in the arches its a vast improvment. I quite like the GT bodywork on the gen 7 as well. Shame there's no GT4 or even supercharged version. Lotus have that engine at 270bhp+ in their exige gt3. Here's fensports, they've got the right idea :) :
  22. The cars constantly trying to put an ideal ratio mix of air and fuel in. If you get this ratio wrong, you lose power, running too rich or too lean. Which can be bad for the car, bad for performance and bad for your fuel economy. So no, don't do it.
  23. MIP

    Decat Pipe

    Sold, mine on wednesday.
  24. MIP

    New Gt4

    I think the pic in his sig'll be his previous car, as thats a '94 GT
  25. MIP

    Ecu Help

    If its the same as the gen6, then its behind the center console on the floor of the car. I had to take mine out to fit the icon chip, it was a case of unbolting the tray it was attached to from the floor. I got to each side to unbolt it by pulling back the carpet from the corner of the footwell on either side.
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