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  1. I knew about step one (hold both buttons for two seconds, then press unlock twice), I've been doing that for a while. It tends to work for about a week or so before I have to do it again. Didn't know about step two though, I'll try that.
  2. What about just low-dust pads like greenstuff?
  3. Does anyone have this exhaust on their st202 (Mongoose) ? I've been searching round and its basically the only option I can find (sub £300), without getting somthing expensive custom built. I could just do with some oppinions on it, particularly noise wise. I'm sure it sounds great, is it ok to live with (e.g. on the motorway) or does it drown out the car stereo/cause bass that could make your eyes pop/cause police to pull you over? I'd like mine to sound a bit better, and I don't mind a bit of extra noise, I just think I'll avoid it if its very loud.
  4. Where abouts are they?
  5. Don't panic mate, not too much stuff to check. I'll break it down into a list: 1. Service history. Make sure its been regularly serviced/oil changed. 2. Again, in the service history, make sure the cambelt has been done at 50 to 60k intervals. Every other cambelt change, the water pump and 'hydraulic cambelt tensioner' should have been changed, and the liquid in the coolant system should be 'toyota 4life coolant'. You can't tell this by looking at it, you'll need to ask, and ideally see it in the service history. 3. Sound. Its an obvious one, but make sure things sound smooth when its driven. Smooth sounding power delivery from the engine, no knocking noises. 4. Clutch. Celica's clutch life is typically 100k. If the clutch pedel feels damn heavy, and it doesn't bite untill high up the pedal travel, the clutch is worn and it'll need a new one. Make sure the clutch doesn't slip and the engine sounds nice, by giving it some heafty amounts of throttle in 2nd gear, rev it up to 6k (once the engines had a chance to warm up that is). Oh and if the engine looks like this Link, buy it! Buy it now!
  6. The engine'll be fine. I wouldn't worry about milage too much, the celica's are well built. Mines over 110k and still sounds smooth and doesn't burn any oil (3SGE engine, not 3SFE, I get the impression that some FE's start to burn oil as they get old). Of course its a factor, but I'm sure a celica thats been well looked after at 100k + miles would be better than a neglected one at 70k. From my experience with mine, i'd say: - Celica clutches last about 100k. The clutch pedal shouldn't be heavy. If the clutch hasn't been done at 100k miles, it'll probably need doing soon. You'll need to see it at full throttle at 4k+ rpm in second to make sure the clutch isn't slipping (and that the engine sounds smooth). A new clutch is at least £300. - It should have toyota 4-life coolant. If its on its second cambelt change (which should be done on 50-60k intervals), the water pump and tensioner should be changed at the same time. The cambelt/water pump/tensioner job is £350-£400. If the pump hasn't been done, it can seize, shredding the cambelt. Not having 4-life coolant will increase corrosion and wear on the pump. - There should be no knocking noises from the suspension. Rattle's from the dashboard and door cards are common (which can be fixed by yourself if you take the time to work out where they're coming from). Only other problem I've had with mine are bolts from the plastic engine undertray rusting off. Having to drill them out and replace them to prevent the undertray falling off. I've a facelift 1998 GT (UK) with 110,000 miles, nice leather interior. Its got a new clutch, new cambelt, water pump, tensioner, 4life coolant, full history, regularly serviced, runs smooth as silk. I personally wouldn't let mine go for less than 3k. So to get one for a grand less, its gonna be older with high miles.
  7. Don't put ATF fluid in it. Lots of books including the halfords one list the wrong gearbox oil for the car. As far as I know, its not uncommon to use a thinner oil in a race setup when the gearbox doesn't need to last v. long... I changed mine for 85, and put some molyslip in it. Kinda masks the problem a bit.
  8. Is a shame that toyota seem to have the deluded oppinion that being environmentally friendly means you can't make a sports car. 0-60 in 3.8 seconds with a low carbon emmission toyota engine: Link Edit: having said that, there does seem to be quite a few rumours about a 2007 supra
  9. Water pump definatly. Mine seized, lots of noise, lots of steam, shredded cam belt, not nice.
  10. MIP

    Mmmm Lowered

    It does look like your front spoiler would stop it going much lower maybe? I could practically ignore speedbumps before, will have to be carefull now. Mine just looked too high stock: Pic. £400 from ebay, with nearly new yokohoma's :)
  11. MIP

    Mmmm Lowered

    Hmm, not sure. It says 'up to 40mm' on th eibach box, but your guess is as good as mine. I do know it looks much better, and I have to go very much slower to manage the sloped step into my garage
  12. MIP

    Mmmm Lowered

    Thanks to a day of work with Leeky, serviced, running smooth as silk, and lowered Gearbox oil/molyslip in pre-springs:
  13. Took a few pix n vids from JAE, would have done more but the phone battery didn't last that long: Pix: Photo's Video Codec (need this to play the videos off my phone): Codec And video's: Vids Had a great weekend, new friends, lots of beer, great bbq (cheers les)
  14. Yea, I think so, there's a post in southern central for Junction 11, M4, at 1pm on the friday. Can you be more precise with the rendezvous location J11 = where exactly? are we talking Mad Stad Car park ? or ???, Dave and Cynth with Tango2 and its Shadow I'm going with the latest response in the southern central thread of makro now
  15. Thats pretty handy, cheers. Don't spose there's a similarly simple way of DIY aircon cleaning? You get bacteria and what not building up in there I think?
  16. Yea, I think so, there's a post in southern central for Junction 11, M4, at 1pm on the friday.
  17. Just to double check this lil convoy is still happening, J11 M4 services?
  18. Thats horrible mate, bad luck, whoever's responsible definatly deserves a baseball bat to the left tezzer.
  19. MIP

    Im New Here...

    Very nice, stunningly clean. Not sure there's much with the CD-R problem, other than get one of those laser lense cleaners from smiths, and try burning the TDK's at a slower speed. As for spoiler and 17's, well my dad must have had an attack of the green eyed monster after I got my GT, because he got this, and I think the 17's and spoiler really suit it: I went from 15's to 17's myself, real marked improvment in feedback from the steering wheel, definatly much better for driving, without really making for a harsher ride generally.
  20. I enjoy the scripted sequences. Turning cars into boats. Launching rocket propelled mini's off ski-jumps, setting fire to caravans. Brilliant. I wish I was paid to ***** about like that. And I don't know how much of its scripted, but when I'm watching it I don't really care, I just let the tv magic take over. He got his anti-caravan arguement across pretty effectivly at least :)
  21. I like it alot. Wouldn't choose that colour myself but its alright, would ditch the mesh as well. How do you get a kit custom made for you? Assuming you have a fair bit more cash than I do. Also, I wonder what exactly has been replaced, whole panels of the car taken off/cut away for fiber glass perhaps? As the seam between the rear bumper and wing is gone, I wonder if you can make the car lose weight this way.
  22. Nice one, set the pc to record the series.
  23. Nice, really like the car, looks smart in white with the later projector headlights n stuff.
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