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    Resonator Box

    I've sealed that bit of tube at both ends. Just with no idea of how much suction you'd get from the engine, I thought I'd be paranoid and use somthing that couldn't physically go round that corner. I've come to the conclusion that its not really worth messing about with no. Its not much effort to change though. I just figure that if toyota decided to put it on there, it must have some kind of impact, but apparently not.
  2. MIP

    Resonator Box

    Ah right, I just guessed that those pipes where for sending a small amount of exhaust back round to clear some of the unburnt petrol due to emmision laws. I think thats what the additional yellow pipe on the left of the image above is to do with (only on the later facelift model, I guess the law got more strict). What are those pipes going into the back resonator box for then? It does sound a little better with the new filter, just smoother, it sounded like it was pinking a bit under acceleration at low revs before. It's a very quiet engine at low revs, I'm not really after making it sound like a race car, otherwise I'd change the exhaust, I just fancied being able to hear it a bit better low down in the revs, but its no big deal really. I'm keeping the air box mainly to avoid heatsoak. The GT4's engine bay seems better ventilated so I guess its not so much a problem. That and its probably no where near as worth while doing on mine as it is on your beast of a motor.
  3. MIP

    Resonator Box

    Well, I used a 75p peice of plumming from homebase to fit the hole. If it does make a difference to sound, its too subtle for me to notice. So, waste of time there, if your thinking about doing this, I wouldn't bother. Yea, I'm not spending cash to that extent on this car, I want a GT four However, would't a little breather filter on that pipe just allow exhaust to go directly into the engine bay?
  4. MIP

    Resonator Box

    The facelift model got the newer bodywork, more sound proofing, a larger exhaust manifold to improve throttle response (and a little more power), more exhaust recirculation to reduce emmisions, and that extra resonator box to reduce engine noise. Well, having just stuffed myself full of the best (and largest) Balti I've ever made, I've got an empty "tesco value chopped tomato's" tin. Will remove the resonator and see if it fits the hole tommorow. As for removing the other box, um dunno, might hurt emmisions and passing the M.O.T.
  5. MIP

    Resonator Box

    Well, that bit running down the side of the air box and battery is the thing I'm talking about removing, it leads to nothing, its just for dampening engine sound I think. I can't imagine it having any other effect. As for the other box coming off the back with the pipe's, I'd guess thats for recirculating some exhaust for emmisions reasons.
  6. MIP

    Resonator Box

    I've just changed my air filter for a blitz one (same size as the original, keeping the original air box and cool air feed): Its probably more down to the fact that the old filter was a bit old, clogged n' blackened, n fluffy (down to moisture I guess), but the impact has been good. No great power hike or anything, but it revs much more freely, and responds much more instantly. It does sounds a bit nicer as well, but I'd like to remove the resonator box and see what difference that makes to the sound of the engine. Its a fairly straight forward thing I'm trying to do, but what could I actually use to plug the hole if I removed the resonator box? Ideally I'd want some kind of 'lid' that fits in the hole with a kind of rim to stop it actually being sucked in, but what to use?
  7. Millway in andover. Discount for TOC gold, for £260 they did the 'B' service, plus cambelt and alternator belt change on my 1998 GT. Friendly people, and the car came back sounding smoother, cleaned inside and out, thoroughly impressed. Will definatly use them again.
  8. It's my first one, so I don't know what to get excited about. Am looking forward to it though, bbq and beers, how can it be bad?
  9. MIP

    Celica GT

    My 1998 UK Celica GT
  10. From the album: Celica GT

    My Celica 1998 GT

    © © Matthew Paul

  11. MIP

    Mystery Button

    Come on, stop being silly. Its obviously submarine mode.
  12. I got both cam and alternator belts changed, and a 9k service for £250 from millway garage in andover. The cambelt plus labour was £120 on its own. Great garage though, the car came back cleaned inside and out, and they do a discount for TOC gold. It's pretty amazing really, 110k miles and nearly nothing at all has had to be done to the car thats out of the ordinary (oil changes, spark plug's and cam belt at 55-60k intervals). Apart from a new clutch at 95k, which was 1/2 paid for under dealer warrenty.
  13. Make mine the lamb rogan josh - £4.20 Lime pickle - £0.50 Peshwari naan - £1.60 N some chips - £0.90 £7.20
  14. Its not bad, but I never had much of a strong signal round mine anyhow, works fine on those motorway trecks though. Had to make sure it was quite a long aerial that'd extend far into the body. I think bibbs had a better idea of just running aerial lead around the edge of the boot inside the seal or somthing.
  15. Oh dear, get well soon mate. See if you can hire the same physio Rooney's got, you'll be well in no time :)
  16. I unplugged the power from the aerial, and plugged the aerial wire into a cheap arial from halfords that I could extend up the inside of the car: Link
  17. Looks nice. I'd organise a BBQ for southern TOC if it weren’t for the fact that my back garden isn't much larger than that shed there.
  18. MIP

    My engine

    From the album: Celica GT

    My 3SGE
  19. I'm pretty happy with mine. The high-rev power is still great on the GT, not so great low down. Last big spend was my 17's. Shocks, springs, filter and possibly icon chip as soon as I've got enough, then I'll appreciate it a bit more. I'm sure I'll start saving soon. Next month maybe. Sat in the hugging sports leather seat, in 2nd gear on the power, with the noise as it hits 4k, is definatly one of the happiest places on Earth for me.
  20. Having read about it, the pro's seem to be: Solvents in Bio-Diesel remove deposites and clean the engine. Bio-diesel also acts as a lubricant. Lower emmisions generally (carbon in particular). Can withstand higher compression. Renewable. Improved fuel economy? I don't know how much it costs. Cons: The fact that it cleans out your engine means that the fuel filter can clog up very quickly when you first make the switch. This will go away eventually as your engine gets cleared. Fuel lines may have to be replaced with different material, as Bio-Diesel corrodes rubber. There may be a reduction in performance (not necissarily though). Higher NO2 emmisions (greenhouse gas).
  21. Looks stunning, v. v. jealos
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