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    St202 Mods

    Sulphur? Thats not a gas though. I think all the cat does is turn carbon monoxide into co2, nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and oxygen, and unburnt petrol vapour (hydrocarbons) into co2. Where does sulpher come from, is it in petrol? If it is I guess it would slowly build up in the cat perhaps?
  2. I like it. Needs more LED's possibly, but I like it very much. Where can you get them?
  3. I would have thought that with the beams engine, with the higher compression, you'd need 99ron. If somone where to use 95, it'd lose more power. If I were to aquire one, I'd run a tank or so of 99 ron fuel through the engine, and then reset the ecu. I'd much rather a GT4 though.
  4. Watch father ted, then you'll know what an eejit is :)
  5. Got mine done with millway in andover. Gold discount, nice bunch of people, and after chaging all the belts and what not, it sounded v. smooth indeed. They even cleaned it inside and out, not sure you even get that with a dealer. They had a few mr2's and GT4's (and a porche, and lee's lotus) in, they seem to have an excellent reputation for dealing with toyota's.
  6. Er... Swap? Mines got leather...
  7. Spoiler looks nice, not sure its too kind, sticking your cat to the side of the rear bumper though ;)
  8. I had no idea modern cars where like this having never driven a modern car, untill I got a kia rio courtesy car when my celica was serviced, and at the t-junction leaving the garage, did THE worlds most pointless emergency stop. Proper progressive breaking where you feel like you're in control, the way it should be.
  9. Each to their o....my god why?!
  10. Wow, nice. Would love to swap my GT for that. I'd just want to take my leather interior with me. Looks like a GT4 though, can't see how it looks like a GT.
  11. That body kit on a GT4, and it would be perfect. Does look nice though.
  12. I'm so confused. So you would have paid £4787 in tax for having the company car, and a car n your petrol paid. Or You would have paid £4320 in tax, and had £2280 cash to cover the running costs and depreciation or lease of a car. So the difference in tax is £467 more tax is paid if you have the company car (however if more than £2280+£467 is spent in depreciation/running/leasing your own car privatly, you've lost out finacially having the private car). I don't know why your adding the two four grand figures together?? Your not paying both those figures in tax, your paying one or the other depending on your choice of company car or private.
  13. Whats it made from? I don't pretend to know alot about these things, but from a (simplistic) physics p.o.v, wouldn't a smaller copper rad be better? Alluminium has a higher heat capacity, but copper has better thermal conductivity, so provided air is flowing through the thing, it'll disipate heat faster.
  14. I've been playing it occasionally, does look sweet when the suns going down. Havn't got that far yet, guy no. 10 I'm on. Nabbed the 'pink slip' to some guy's supra. :)
  15. I like it, even in yellow. You couldn't see out the back of that though...
  16. Makes sure you only use 99ron with it. Thats what its designed for, and I think its higher compression, so you really need good fuel. Otherwise you'll get knock, n the ecu will relax the timings.
  17. Hmm, very 'TVR' As for the celica, I'd only have those lights on if I did amateur rally driving. Maybe he does...that'd be why the front suspention is collapsing perhaps.
  18. I've not done it yet. After payday, I'll order the oil n molyslip. Cheers for the diagram sotal! And thanks for the recommendation leeky, will have a look online see where I can get that ordered from.
  19. Does look good, one reason I particularly love my celica: The sheer awesomness of it adds 20bhp ;)
  20. Do they just smear the tunnel with diesel and film it?
  21. MIP

    My New Celica

    Very nice, pretty cheap as well. Much less than I paid less than a year ago. GT or ST?
  22. Cheers for the help people :) I've been looking at oils and there seem to be a few brands out there, any recomendations on what to go for? Also, this molyslip stuff, just looking on ebay for it as my local halford don't seem to do it. There's this stuff: 50/50 mix Or this stuff: Small amount of additive Which one should I go for? Also, on a side note, I saw this: Molyslip Engine restore With some big claims with it. It says that it coats the engine, fills in scratches and magically fixes everything. Well maybe not, but it might help sotal and others with the 7AFE - Oil loss problem perhaps?
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