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  1. Cheers, I don't spose anyone has a picture and/or reference I could use, I don't want to try n guess my way about.
  2. I seem to get the occasional crunch going into gear (and its usually third). Its not too often, and tends to be when its cold. However, I'd like to change the gearbox oil to try and prevent it and look after the car, but I couldn't afford to have it done at my last service with the other work it needed. A friend o mine has the facilities to lift the car, so what I need to know is: a ) How I drain the old oil, what do I do with it? b ) Can I put anything through for cleaning? c ) How do I fill it up again? d ) What oil do I use, where do I get it from? Is there anything else I could/should do here? What is 'syncro-mesh' I've heard mentioned?
  3. 2.0i SRI= 115bhp minus however much it's deteriorated with age amplified by 10 because its a vauxall. Not a hope, not in a straight line, not round a corner. The 2.5L V6 was 170bhp.
  4. I think its about 155bhp ish? Sorry thats not to detailed, I'm sure somone will have more info. These are the figures for the gen 6 3SGE: I think if there's one thing that might show, is that you need to work the gears and rev it hard for the bulk of the power. Where does the gen 5 GT redline? It might be a similar graph to above but with a drop-off earlier in the rev range.
  5. MIP


    Oh balls. With that video ended me being content with my GT.
  6. Woa. It looks like it should be able to fly.
  7. The headlight washer jet button non? Thats roughly where it is on my 1998 UK GT.
  8. Strangly no. He put up the sizes, the tyre details, detailed photo's and that it said 'euro sport' on them. Pehaps he couldn't read the font on the centre cap same as me. I'll take a close up pic after work this eve. I did see those, though obviously I prefered the ones I chose in the end (I'm a fan of subtle, no chrome or studs or crazyness for me). They are nice, though I don't think gold would suit my car, you could respray em. And after my thread on tyre's, I was kind of warned off Nankang's (what was it someone said...'ditchfinders' I think. In the wet) . I know the yokahoma brand as their used by lotus motorsport, and I've not been let down, the grip with these seems impressive. That and I've found the feel and feedback through the larger wheels is better. I'm v. happy indeed :) edit: Quick but important question, what psi would I need to inflate these tyres to? It used to be 36psi with my old r15 tyres. Would it be the same/less/more with lower profile r17's?
  9. I'm in the 'my controls' area trying to create an album/gallery of my celica. However, when I upload an image I just get this: Its just a jpg. I've tried shrinking it down to 500x300, the file size is 201KB. Am I doing somthing wrong?
  10. Here's some closer ones for a detailed view, plus if anyone recognises what brand they are, feel free to let on.
  11. If you have any other named drivers, it might be worth giving direct line a look. Named drivers can accumulate their own NCD.
  12. I would have thought the way to heat it up is keep the rev's high whilst its sat still, no air passing through the radiator.
  13. Could do with lowering, but for some odd reason does look lower than it did on the 15's, despite same diameter tyres, n the skirts n front spoiler (which I've sprayed silver, as I have the rear mudguards) help there. I also spent £260 with millway garage in andover (really nice people, can highly recommend them, recommended to me by leeky, thanks alot mate!). Got a cambelt and alternator belt change, a 9k service, and to top it off, they cleaned it inside and out, really impressed with them. It sounds smooth as silk now, belts used to be noisy, and it used to be alot more throaty n harsh in the morning. Much mechanical sympathy when pressing the accelerator before.
  14. Seems alot of people are going for alloys at the moment. I've made a £380 ebay purchase myself, for a set of 17" 5 spokes with yokohoma tyre's (with loads of tread), whatcha think? Before: After: And the rest here: Link I honestly cannot read the font in the hub to tell you what they are, begins with a Z I think.
  15. MIP

    Celica Query!

    I was gonna mention, perhaps you can supercharge the 190 safely. After all, lotus have with their exige 240R. Thats the 2ZZ-GE engine and a 'roots' supercharger. vvti-l 240bhp @8k rpm, 4.5sec 0-60, top speed of 150mph.
  16. MIP

    Celica Query!

    Slight tangent, but is the 190bhp lift engine the 2ZZ-GE?
  17. I just tend to say "Do you know what the 'Telephone Preference Service' is? Are you aware that your breaking the law right now?" If they're particularly bothersome, http://www.tpsonline.org.uk/tps/contact/
  18. I was thinking more based on what the car actualy does in real world test. So your maximum speed could be somthing like whatever speed your car can do, and still come to a complete stop within x number of meters, whilst still taking into account reaction times. So I guess stopping power would be a more important factor, but generally by definition, cars with more stopping power are the more powerful cars. I guess you could factor in other things like cornering stability, aerodynamic stability, or if it where to be really clever/dynamic, whether there is an up coming junction. ahh - but the top speed/bhp wont work... take the Jag XJ220 - 220mph top speed, woeful brakes most 155mph super saloons could easily beat.... the fact is, the only way you could have variable speed limits is by 'class of car' So say - SUV's/4x4's - generally these have longer braking distances than other cars - so you restrict these to 60. Then say, low capacity cars (say, less than 1.4) which will generally have average braking and stability, limit to 70 but then what? you cant say, oh all 'sports cars can do 90 - because Mr 1.6 MX5 and Mr 1969 MGB have nowhere near the braking or stability of Mr 911, or XK8 for that matter... and as les said - just because you ahve the car, doesnt make it safe - the critical part is the driver, his reaction time, alertness etc... I'm confused. What I said, I was talking all about braking distance, car stability and reaction times. I don't think bhp/litre would make sense, though I don't think bibbs is taking it all that seriously. e.g. "200bhp minimum". Even if the variable speed limit could never work (and I hope it could, 70mph is fustrating, I know clarkson's with me on this one), I'd think the tailgating one is a good idea, and should happen, and have more focus than speeding.
  19. Could fit a snowplough to the front and get it to chase the pace car at 100mph. Occasionally moving into the middle for those drivers that seem to just stay there.
  20. I was thinking more based on what the car actualy does in real world test. So your maximum speed could be somthing like whatever speed your car can do, and still come to a complete stop within x number of meters, whilst still taking into account reaction times. So I guess stopping power would be a more important factor, but generally by definition, cars with more stopping power are the more powerful cars. I guess you could factor in other things like cornering stability, aerodynamic stability, or if it where to be really clever/dynamic, whether there is an up coming junction.
  21. Oh I'm not upset, just trying to plug the loopholes as I go, develop the idea, its out there for debate, I don't expect all to bow down and agree (I'll settle for 80% :P ). Company/lease/hire cars: Relativly, simple, make it so you need to be registered for them as well. As for people breaking the law, stealing cars, false number plates etc. It'd be no more of a problem than it is already non? Infact the reg plate reading should help catch some of these people, e.g. the uninsured. Somone could steal your car and drive through a speed camera as it is. That doesn't really have an impact on whether a variable motorway speed system would be effective, unless I'm missing somthing. I think the most major disadvantage to my idea's are how technology centred they are. Every car would need some kind of readout of what the speed limit imposed on their car at the time is, and ideally, some indicator to tell them if they are to close to the car infront so they have a chance to pull back a bit without being fined. But seen as technology seems to be the way the government are going, I think it can be put to some good use.
  22. That's just as bad. A modern cars stopping distance is 90% dependent on it's tyres. Fit a different brand, and the braking distance will change in the wet and dry. Perhaps DVLA should start keeping records of what tyres are fitted to your car, when you last changed them etc? I'm not aware of any modern car that isn't capable of locking up the wheels under braking. It would also be akin to having a class system on the motorways. It's not cars or speeding that cause accidents, it's the idiots behind the wheel. The distance you need to leave between yourself and the car in front is mainly to cover your reaction time - unless the car in front is capable of stopping instantaneously. I would support cameras that could detect tailgaters though, there are too many nutters who drive far too close to the car in front. But only as long as aren't also used as speed cameras (unlikely). Good point about the tyres. You'd either need to keep un up-to date record, or have the system assume you have the same quality tyres as would be fitted to the car as stock. And said system would have to take account of the weather conditions and the driver would have to be kept informed of what that limit is at any given time. Just thought that with that new expensive number plate reading technology that's going into camera's, this would be one use they could get from it that might actually speed things along. And it might be akin to a class system perhaps, but different cars do have different speed/stability charecteristics, its not a class system based on money, e.g. my celica's cheaper than a new 1.0 yaris. It should just be measured on the technical capabilities of the car, tested/measured on a track. Well, if my afformentioned system is penalising people that tailgate, it could look up the age of the registered owner and take into account the average reaction time when calculating the braking distance/gap required. So the 90 y/o could still go fast in the porche if they wanted, but they would have to be concious of needing to leave a bigger gap. I don't know, I put it forward as a serious idea that could make use of this reg plate reading tech going into camera's, because my fiesta/celica experience and comparison doesn't seem too unreasonable to me. The main advantages being penalizing tailgaters for safety's sake, and alowing comuters to cut time off long tiring journeys, and have cars moving on and off the motorway quicker, reducing conjestion. I used to have to drive hundreds of motorway miles in my last job, if I'd have done 70 all the way, I swear I would have died asleep at the wheel.
  23. This may be over simplified logic perhaps, but if people are moving quicker on the motorway, doesn't it reduce the time they spend on the motorway, and thus the amount of cars on the motorway is reduced, reducing conjestion. I mean, isn't the point of a motorway to carry a large volume of traffic to get to places quickly? Why would you implement plans that would increase conjestion? How it should work: As different cars have different braking distances and handling, each model car should be assigned a motorway speed limit. If you go through a speed camera, it'll read your reg plate and a computer will automatically know which model car you have, and decide if your going to fast for your particular car. It should also assess whether you've left a big enough braking distance/gap from the car previous to yours, so you can be fined for tailgating as well. My reasoning is basically that 70-80mph was quite a sensible speed limit for my 1.1 fiesta. It'd be shaky and unstable at speeds afer that, and the brakes where crap. My celica on the other hand, in all honesty, feels perfectly planted over 100 and stops in half the distance. Driving a long distance on the motorway at 70 would be pointless, time consuming and fustrating. The law is supposed to protect people, and speed kills yes, but that would be the same arguement you'd make for reducing the motorway speed limit to 40mph. But thats stupid and impractical, as is the 70mph speed limit for many modern cars. Expecting people to stick to it is nigh on impossible, that would be like telling the population to stop eating crisps cos their bad, limit crisp sales and send out the crisp police. A few crisps arn't gonna kill me. An odd tangent, or ingenious simile, you decide.
  24. Is this from a toyota dealership? Plus, what are spigot rings?
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