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  1. Im 9 months to my cvt 1.3l verso-s since the last engine oil change and I have already topped up half of the bar on the marker stick two months ago when it was 3k miles at the time ( after the oil change) and I have done another 1k since then. I haven't used the car for tha last 3 days and when checked today ( outside temperature 0 celcius) it shoes only half oil on the stick. Is this normal for Verso-S please?
  2. I have attached you a picture of Toyota recommended engine oil for Verso-S whats advised on the car's user manual for 1.3l engine ( UK model). I currently have 5W30 but sometimes during this winter I have to crank the engine 2-3 times to start the car. So, I was wondering if I could use 0w30 which hasn't recommended on the Verso-S user manual. My rational to 0w30 is that it's thicker than 0w20 during warm start ups during the summer months. My battery is a new one so it isn't a battery issue. Your thoughts pls? Tia!
  3. Hi all, my 2012 verso-s has the worst ever window foggings out of all my previous cars and its my first winter with this car. Fogging most immediately builds up within minutes. The worst is the rear dow windows. Ive got the manual controls for the heating and the A/C and wonder if im doing anything wrong or if this is a known issue on this perticular model. Ive attached few pictures to show my drivers window is okay but not the rear window. Ive also attached a picture to show my usual settings of the heating switches but ofcourse the picture was taken after switching off the fan blower. Does anyone has this problem? Im not so keen on any anti-fog sprays at this moment.
  4. Is the throttle body easily accessible on Verso-S to have a clean inside for a non mechanical person? If it is, where would I find it pls?
  5. Does anyone know the exact size of the sump plug washer for Verso-S please as there are different sizes on Eurocarparts for the same year. Mine 2011'/ 2012
  6. Yes Ive tried that. The rear windscreen heaters are working but not the side mirrors. My side mirrors are not electric, its manually open/ close.
  7. My car is the 2012 TR-M auto ( non glassroof version) and ithis is going to be my first winter on this Verso-S and it seems it hasn't got heated side mirrors. Im just wondering if the originals had been broken in the past and the previous owner had replaced it with non heated mirrors or what as I would expect a car from 2012 have this option. Has your Verso-S has heated side mirrors and is it TR- M version or T-Spirit verson? Tia!
  8. I was told to get the front wheel alignment done so I will do it with National tyres for £17.50 with the discount coupon next week
  9. Final update! My friend's garage changed both front suspension arms. Cost me £86 for both from AutoDoc (£110 saved comparing to the GSF for the very same highend brand). Labour cost me £110. Took just 1hr for both lower arms. The noise is now gone. Sadly I wasted £110 for left top mount and drop link thinking it was the issue, but hey atleast I saved a massive amount still not going with the Toyota fee of £940 Happy days
  10. Could it happen when driving 45mph too?
  11. Can someone please point me out a set of mud guards which stop spraying water to the rear windscreen please? If you have installed anything other than the genuine Toyota ones could you please also upload few pictures of it plus tell me where you got that please? Ive bought the genuine Toyota ones for the Verso-S and installed but what a waste of money that was. I think its too smaller and cannot completely stop water getting splash to the rear windscreen. Pictures attached
  12. If english isnt your sister's first language and surely there's an valid argument to if the dealer had explained everything to her in her own language and she understood what she's signing for. A company like Toyota shouldn't be damaging their reputation over a £500 and let her have this money back especially when she buys another car instead from Toyota.
  13. This is the correct Yuasa brand battery for the Verso-S. It comes with a 5yr warranty and a top notch battery i hear. Specs are attached on the picture along with the measurements. I bought my 2012 verso-S recently in 2022 ( 10yrs later) and believe it or not it had its original Panasonic battery when I bought it second hand. Had a small startup issue but didn't want to take a chance with the coming winter, so I bought this perticular Yuasa battery. Check the measurements before buying it though.
  14. Bit of an update- took the car to Toyota garage ( so kind of them not to charge me), went on a test drive with the mechanic so I could make him to listen to it. He said one of his family member has the same car but the manual and has the same noise but he couldn't look in to it yet. He put the car on the ramp to find both front lower arms ( wish bones) need replacing and hopefully it will fix the issue. He did show me the rubber bushes on the lower arm which has some cracks. Toyota said all x4 wheels need aligned as well after the repair and quote me around £1100 I will give this a thought and see if an independent garage can do it for cheaper. Each front lower arm at GSF like £62 and I guess both sides its a 2hr job...
  15. Sorry I forgot to say my friend also changed the left drop link along with the top mount. Where is the roll bar bushes please, is it on the left suspension?
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