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  1. sh22

    Jury's Out

    I see Chris they were bought as black badges, yes let me have the details please. Cheers Steve
  2. sh22

    Jury's Out

    Chrisg99, intrigued as to how your badges became black. Paint or wrapped or something else?, particularly the oval Toyota Badge.
  3. sh22

    Jury's Out

    Despite having a dislike of tailgate badges which led me to remove them off my CHR I made a couple of much smaller badges out of a pair of key rings, modified them and then coloured them black to contrast with the white pearl and black trim. I've done this sort of thing before with various make of cars and tried to keep it subtle. Some people hated similar Lexus and Jaguar badging of the same size and some comments were ok, other comments were indifferent. I'll leave them on for a bit and see if they grow on me, if not I will whip them off as easily as they were put on. Yes I know I need to get out more.
  4. sh22


    Noticed too that my sat nav arrival time sometimes shows an hour ahead of the actual time I arrive and then sometimes the arrival time is correct. The car's clock is always correct with GMT though. Weird !!
  5. Simplest way to remove stuck on badges is to use a piece of ordinary parcel string. Start from the right on each badge. Keep the string tight and force it behind the badge and then using an up and down motion slide the string to the left while continuously pulling in the up and down motion. The string will cut through the self adhesive tape quite quickly with no damage to the paint. There will be tape residue left behind on the tailgate and some of it will pull off with your fingers but you will need a solvent based product to remove what is left after the badge comes off. I use Cellulous thinners and gently rub it into the residue. I will come off but be patient. When all the residue is removed best thing then is to use some cutting polish like T cut just to ensure any rub marks are removed and then a final polish with a more gentle product. I use a electric polishing machine but just for speed. You won't damage the lacquer top coat even using a solvent based product. If you use your fingers only to pull the badges off then the Toyota and Hybrid badges will bend and possibly snap getting them off. Take a paper template of where the badges fit on the tailgate or photos should you ever want to refit the badges. The original badges can be cleaned up by scraping the tape residue off the back of the badges or just buy new ones but they are expensive. Badges can be reused by using ultra thin double sided badge tape off E Bay.
  6. Keep it simple with no clutter is my preference.
  7. OOPs again, shows how much attention I paid to my new car which I had imagined had front wing Hybrid badges when in fact there are no badges at all on the front wings. Removed the tailgate badges today for a cleaner look, that damn double sided tape these car badges have is so annoying when trying to remove it after the badge is removed. Templates made and photos taken for when I may need to refit them.
  8. The most common paint defect car detailers fix are the swirl marks from poor washing techniques and large brushes in car washes are great example of inflicting damage to even the hardest lacquer top coats. Hand wash only and you will minimise swirls but over time swirls will occur as sure as night follows day and then some degree of paint correction will be necessary, or not, depending if it bothers you.
  9. My car built after my order dated July 7th and collected August 19th has hybrid badges on the front wings. Ironically I will be removing all the car's badges, Toyota CHR and all 3 hybrid badges. I just like panels free from any identification and a smoother look making cleaning and polishing easy for me. I always refit them when moving the car on after first taking a paper template prior to removal.
  10. I have fitted dash front and rear dash cams to 4 Lexus cars and 2 Toyota's and for every one picked up the power supply from the fuse box inside the car. For the CHR it is located in the passenger front foot well . Remove a quick release piece of trim directly under the glove box and you can see the fuse box tucked up high on the left hand side. The plastic fuse box cover is a quick release cover and has the name of each electrical item the fuse serves. It is there and you should use the screen wash fuse at 15amp which ensures the dash cam only comes on and switches off when the car is running, i.e an ignition controlled power source.
  11. I finally sorted my own space saver and I used the Toyota parts listing shown in this thread unaware at the time that 3 of the items were not needed after all, new dummy floor deck board, inner quarter panel trim and a rear panel trim piece that goes across the the body panel around the lock striker. This was because the 3 parts in question are already standard fit for 2022 models. The 3 surplus parts were returned just in time to the dealer and he refunded my card for £106 only 24 hours before the 30 day deadline for returns lapsed. So the entire cost of the tool kit, polystyrene blocks and the space saver was £265 incl vat. Like others have said I just prefer a spare and then if a flat occurs have it repaired if viable rather than use the goo kit and totally ruin my chances of having a conventional repair because the tyre company doesn't want the bother of removing the goo from the wheel and lose a new tyre sale.
  12. sh22

    I Pod Connection ?

    All sorted but ended up transferring my entire library on the iPod over to my Mac computer and then from my Mac onto a usb memory stick and plugged that into the USB port. The system recognised the stick immediately and I can access my tunes and use the full intergrated steering wheel functions to scroll the entire library. The screen also shows the image of the album cover, time lapse of song etc and of course no hard wire which my iPod requires in the Yaris.
  13. Cheers Mike, no, just the basic manual supplied with the car. I will download the full one asap. Thanks Phil for the feedback on tyre pressure monitoring. Seems a poor state of affairs that a £32K car doesn't get a function to tell a driver what tyre is down and by how much like my son and daughter's entry level Yaris Icon's as well as my Wife's Design Yaris. What possible increase in cost would prevent Toyota from putting this software feature into all CHR's, their most popular SUV. OK on the high beam, I will try that out in due course. Thanks again
  14. Is it me as I can't find the actual display which allows me to see the tyre pressure readings in the tyres. All CHR's are fitted with both the monitoring and warning software according to the brochure but I have been through ever option in the on board computer display but only came across an option to SET the system based on the correct pressures when cold. MY wife and son's Yaris models both have a visual display of the actual readings as well as the warning light if a tyre loses pressure. Also I read the manual front to rear and couldn't find out if the main beam stalk has to be pushed forward when activating the adaptive high beams when driving at night or left alone. A Lexus ES300 I owned this year required the stalk to be pushed forward when using this function but my wife's Yaris doesn't need the stalk pushed forward. Does the CHR need the stalking pushing forward I wonder. Wondered if I have missed something, any clues people?
  15. Thanks Alan for the pics. Yes I bought the larger rear panel trim with the curved area in front of the striker plate cut out. As my car was built in June 2022 is was fitted with the latest larger plastic trim hence my ability to leave well alone and return the item along with the near side rear inner quarter panel piece and of course the dummy floor panel. The Toyota dealer managed to do 3 return of parts requests 24 hours before the 30 day refund period lapsed so I was very lucky he did this while I was on the phone giving the 3 parts numbers to him. All 3 items were accepted as returns to a value of £106 back on my card. Result. All is now as I wanted with the space saver secured to the floor and the foam tool holders wrapped around it. Total cost £236 incl vat to have a space saver which I didn't think was a bad price given the wheel itself was £165 incl vat.
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