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  1. Thank you for that, I might just do exactly that then, hoping to find a good set of pitlane alloys too to finish it off!
  2. Thank you for that insight, I will look into doing this and see where we go from there, would you happen to know which springs the SR180 uses and would it be able to fit into a standard model Auris as I might not want to have a 30mm drop but possibly the same drop as an SR180 just for comfort.
  3. Oh I see, I just thought that it would be a characteristic of a torsion beam suspension, I will have it checked out and see! Thank you for your help! Are the Eibach springs that you have installed on your car, the ones found in the SR180? and are the springs from the SR180 a direct fit into the standard Aurises? My tyres are fairly new actually, the front tyres are less than 3 months old and the rear tyres are not that old so it should be okay right?
  4. so I know that the Auris isn't a race car by any means but when I drove it around a tight chicane I noticed that the car didn't really corner well, I feet as if it was skipping around the corner, I honestly have no plans to get rid of my Auris at all so I've made it my mission to make the best Auris ever! so naturally I would like to have the best parts there is for an Auris on my Auris, yes I know it sound stupid but I really think the Auris has potential to be a even better car than it is! Ahhh I see, even so will it make the handling better for lighter cars? if it is a big job then maybe not worth it! Thank you both for your replies, it is always much appreciated, its too bad that the Auris culture in the UK isn't as big as it is in places such as South Africa, I've seen some crazy examples of the Auris in videos from South Africa, its a shame they didn't release the 1.8 valematic version here in the UK although I have heard a few people owning these unicorns of an Auris here on this forum.
  5. Thank you for your response, would it be possible to put the independent rear suspension from the SR180 into a 2009 1.6 Auris or a 2009 1.33 Auris? if so is it just a bolt in job?
  6. Hi all, so I watched a video somewhere a while back on the MK1 Auris and it was said that the Auris came with independent suspension on some models of the pre-facelift such as the SR180 and was standard on the facelift models on all engine types and specs. I just want to know how true this is as I have tried to do some research about it and have found nothing at all. Look forward to hearing from you all! P.S I genuinely have no clue which video it was
  7. Oh right, thank you for your reply! Will have to look further into this and find out for sure if it is possible, problem with my current steering wheel is that it's leather is peeling off and also I think the thickness of thr steering wheel is thin so if I was to replace it, I'd rather get it replaced with a better OEM one that will actually work! Thank you all for your replies, anymore information on this would be really appreciated!
  8. Thank you Flash for the reply, any possibility that anyone on the forum would have any knowledge about the airbag plugs being the same and has actually gotten this to work? I think it should be the same right as its just a facelift, changing the actual airbag module would mean having to change something in the ECU so to reduce costs they must have used the same airbag module but with just a different plastic cover? Am I right in thinking this or is my logic fatally flawed? Thanks in advanced!
  9. Hi, Thanks for reply, I think swapping the steering wheel is pretty simple but the controls maybe a bit more complicated unless it's just plug and play, than it's all simple to do, also wondering if it would trigger an airbag fault if swapped to the facelift steering wheel.
  10. Do you know anything about putting the facelift steering wheel in a pre-facelift Auris with the audio controls working?
  11. Hi there thanks for the reply, I understand what you mean, I dont really know much about it but you have made a good point, would love to see what others say about this! Thank you very much
  12. Hi there so I have a toyota auris 2009 which has this steering wheel seen in the first image, i was wondering if I could upgrade to the steering wheel found in the 2010 toyota auris as seen in the second picture, would i be able to use the volume controls? Thank you in advanced!
  13. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

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