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  1. Yeah, I fitted them last night to see how they’d be, the car does have a bit more rake now (fitted them on the rear) but I believe since it’s the same across the axle it should be legal. mans yeah I haven’t driven it properly yet but I think it’ll rub, there’s a fingers width between the shock and the tyre and not even that between the tyre and fuel filler neck. I’ve got an old E110 Corolla that’s been sat for years at home, it’s got 185/60R14s on but unfortunately only one isn’t cracked and I’m not sure that it has a full size spare I could use. Might see if I can nab some cheap spacers or I might have to just cough up the money to get it new tyres
  2. Hi guys, I’m new here. Im thinking of using my Aygo again since as a student I’m struggling to afford the fuel for my MX5. Now the Aygo needs two new tyres, I can’t afford these right now so was wondering if I could run a pair of wheels from my MX5 on the rear of the Aygo, these wheels are 16”x6.5 ET40 with 205/45R16 tyres. I guess these won’t fit on the front because of the steering but will they on the back? What’s the general largest wheel and tyre combination that will fit on the aygos? Cheers in advance for the help guys, it’s a stupid question I know but desperate times and all that
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