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  1. Dear Victor!

    My name is Piotr Kakol. I believe we are cousins. I do not have your contact or address except from a fact that you have been on our chat.

    my email zjazd@rodzina.kaszuby.pl

  2. The boiling kettle solution works!
  3. I'm afraid these magnets will do absolutely nothing to improve your fuel consumption. Think about it, don't you think that in this day and age of going green, saving the environment and generally hugging trees that governments everywhere would be pushing these things as the way forward? The only way to use less petrol is to improve your driving style and keep your car in tip-top condition. Sorry about the rant.
  4. Hello, Don't know much about vans. To me they're just cars with big boots! Have you tried a new battery, or what about a duff earth from the starter motor.
  5. the battery light is flashing because its the same belt that is routed round the alternator that is also round the steer pump. Tighten it up, and problems will go away.
  6. This garage owner is talking crap. I was in a smash about 4 years ago in my 93 Corolla and totally pancaked the front, I was told by my insurers to take it to an approved repairer (Arnold Clark-----bad reputation up here in Scotland). Fearing the worst I took it anyway and about 2 weeks later went back to get it. To my pleasant surprise they had done a perfect job in repairing it and that needed a new bonnet, wings, bumper, etc. The fit-up was spot on and you could never tell that it was in a smash. This was all done on an old 93' car and they could obviously get all the panels for that, so your garage owner should not be allowed to fob you off with any old rubbish. If your insurer is now involved, then they should sort it all out for you. I'm sorry also, for the length of the post!
  7. I agree that it could be a blockage in the exhaust, i.e. a collapsed catilytic (is that how you spell it?) converter. Easy to check. Disconnect at the exhaust manifold (it WILL be noisy), run it for a while and see if it goes better.
  8. My first thought when I read the problem was a bad earth from the starter to chassis
  9. victor kakol


    I had a motor a while back whose engine shook horribly as well. It turned out to be a spark plug that wasn't sparking, so it was only running on three cylinders! Worth a try?
  10. Its absolutely normal :)
  11. Lets be honest. It could be the dial, the sensor or the wires in between.
  12. if its not the brakes, it sounds like a duff wheel bearing
  13. Hello, I've got a 53 model of one of those and the sat nav is below the passenger seat
  14. Mine started doing the same thing. I took it to mr. t and he said the pump or something had died and gone to heaven. It was fixed ( under warranty--good job, cos it was going to cost £1500 ) and everything has been fine since.
  15. I've read somewhere that mobile phone masts and wireless internet router thingy's can cause problems. Maybe if you moved the car to the middle of nowhere and tried it, then it might work (not particularly practical in this day and age tho')
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