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  1. Thats battery wont fit new model Yaris MK4 if you look at the base no lugs to hold it down. Look at silver calcinm by Yuasa HSB202 Part no YB5202 45AH 440 volts You need a EFB type with lugs around base. Note MK 3 no lugs around base but battery post are opposite polarity.
  2. That offer was on when I perchased my car but only for the outgoing Yaris and the Aygo cars.
  3. If you remove the two cross head screws on the right the solinoid itself you can remove unless shaft is connected via a eylet pin. Then check on how easy its moves look to see if it will plunger will drop down under its own weight turn it up the other way and it should slide back. When you unplug it check connections are not coroded. Remove circlip then you can tug slightly with a turning action do this with key in unlocked position leave key in barral lock. If you have to remove the nuts one is just on show top left another lower right under solenoid. When solonoid is out oil other end of its shaft. Check its movment when operating key fob before replacing it
  4. I give it another go can you strip the plunger out then clean it up. If not push plunger out as far as you can and then go around its shaft with emory paper to clean up what you can wipe away any dirt then apply wd40 or a thin oil like 3 in one oil.
  5. So thats the catch free servicing excluding the oil. Well I forked out £692.35 for 3 services plus one mot. So you still saved money even if you pay for the oil yourself.
  6. I wired my Yaris up for both CTEK 3.8 amp charger or solar charging. Normal charge voltage 14.4 summer winter mode 5 degrees or lower 14.7 Float charge ither mode 13.6 volts Solar output upto 22 volts battery pulls this down have not fitted a solar controller.
  7. Control may be a veriable resistor if so dirty contact inside switch unit thats why I sugested electrical contact cleaner. Poor soldering, burnt contact is another possibity. Vibration affects this type of fault.
  8. Simple answer NO it wont ever happen More likley to just turn it into a all electric vehicle at some future date.
  9. Hi Emmitt.Corolla The 3 copper rings are used to supply power one is common the other two are high & low speed you can try just bending the contacts down slightly to excert more pressure this controls parking position of wiper. I am gessing the magnets you are on about are for spark suppresion above carbon brushes for motor.(stops radio interference but if absent wont stop motor working) You can replace carbon brushes just measure across both sides and look for wiper motor brushes angle grinder brushes may be another option if to large by say 1mm rub down with sandpaper. I am presuming your wiper linkage is not seized up.
  10. I expect them to buy oil in bulk from one of the main oil suppliers. If dealer using other oil who going to pick up the repair bill as MFG do check up on why parts fail!!.
  11. I use a G clamp to push piston back in after slackining brake tank cap. calipers usully I can wiggle off if not I loosen the brake bleed screw.
  12. I try just cutting through the bolt and replacing that it tighten up a little more to take up some wear and tear. Its a lot cheaper than a clamp and you might just have one in your tool box!.
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