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  1. I always just clean the windows and go just put on a thicker clothing in case you get stuck as if you out of the car digging you way aut or through a drift a heated car is of no benifit.
  2. Derek.w

    Snow Chains

    I expect chains do a lot of damage if used on just a tarmac road with no snow.
  3. Lets hope Leroy fixes it. Next day after a full recharge my battery voltage is around 98% to 100% fully charged. Note a full charge is indicated at 12.6 volts or more.
  4. Derek.w

    Snow Chains

    At one time you had the option of studs fitted to winter tyres.
  5. Derek.w

    Snow Chains

    We have no real storms now for over ten year I am thinking of snow in feet not inches like winters now.
  6. Derek.w

    Snow Chains

    Snow chains you need steel rims. I sugest a bag of sand and a shovel at a push just use sawdust I used to use this when cars were rear wheel drive but can get along without it now on front wheel drive systems. I live in a hilly area North/Durham UK.
  7. What it needs is more or larger battery cells lets say 30 mile range in summer. Oh it probably wont be self charging then but a plug in Hybrid. Ah well you cant have everythink.
  8. Well if you go for petrol / desel its one type of nozzel. With electric plugs on the car it at least six types at the moment. Then you need the app plus money on the app some dont acept credit cards. All electric chargers are in use when you arrive no idea how long you have to stay before you can connect to a power outlet so you move on hoping for more luck at the next charger. Its a nightmare unless you can just charge up at home and have a second vehicle for longer trips.
  9. I use paint on rear axles subframe and springs in area of plastic leaving the spring Hammerite but not for calipers or exhaust for this you need a high tempriture paint. Check every year once you start you always find somethink thats needs painting.
  10. Yes no updates to MyT carried out. Not even a reset but it made me sign back in just to download the data.
  11. Its a shame no one pointed out it needed a coat or two of paint just to stop it turning into rust, prevension is always better and cheaper in the end.
  12. Today as I suspected MyT worked perfectly with 2 trips both recorded.
  13. Yes just tighten it up slightly but before yo do just twist it and take a note of how slack it is and can you see any cracks in the rubber. If its shiny from slipping to often or cracked then you might aswell change it.
  14. Its a easy job just to remove shocks lower bolt jack up rear of car remove/ change springs. Keep a eye on the rubber pads the spring sits on and note its start and end points (spring ends).
  15. Its still possible for a spring to snap or the foam to go through the springs. Springs these days I discribe as zig sag springs.
  16. Over the last 4 trips MyT has missed out recording 2 trips its records one then misses one. Lets see what happens tomorow.
  17. If windows are not misted up when you get in the car I leave AC off and select winsow screen & cabin setting the button is about halfway along then if its starts misting up in the corners turn on the AC by selecting the switch near the right hand side this also switches on the AC. Note switches may need to press more than once for window screen setting.
  18. Ralph I only managing 59.7 for the week and for the Month its 65.4 this infomation from myT app.
  19. The 5% and 10% are maximum amouts allowed by law, in winter refineries probably add less ethanol in the colder months.
  20. Roy124 Road test or just parking it up you still going past ither way!.
  21. I have a T125/70D96M spacesaver wheel can supply a jack and possibly the wheel locking device for inside the boot. I dont have the foam pads I just used a old carpet tile for it to rest on.
  22. For best results you need the a/c on to stop if foging up plus direct airflow to windows then when clear leav a/c on and redirect airflow to cabin if needed. If you turn a/c off its starts fogging up again.
  23. Roy124 I was waiting for Toyota to return my car after a service. The waiting area is a porta cabin as show room is closed for a facelift so we are just 2 meters away from road going in/out of service area.
  24. If its reading 19 volts your dc to dc charger is not working presuming you not using a mains charger when taking the reading. I suspect its reading a voltage across a capacitor with no current flowing for charging battery.
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