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  1. Thanks for you help. Code = DBA-NCP141. NZ law requires the change of headlight shell to match a change to HID. I hope to get away with LED swap for a small improvement in light output at the least. If the light of LED dipped beam is dazzling in the shop windows across the street then it is a no go, I will do something else to upgrade. G
  2. It was with great difficulty that I tried to figure out what I needed still not sure but it might be HB3 and H7. I have ordered some Chinese junk. If it fits I will let you know. Off the shelf stuff in NZ is expensive but to be fair it would be a matter of give me one of these and no mistake or I will swap it back, no risk. The OEM bulbs are tungsten and not great compared with an old bomb Mercedes A170 I just retired with HID as standard. Newer model Spades can come with HID but alas alack for me and mine year 2012. G
  3. 2012 ex Japan: Suspension alignment data. I could not find this on line. only toe is adjustable From my cynic stand point I more than half pie expect this to be moderated out of existence or removed by vested interests that make money keeping such data to themselves. There will be a margin of error for the results but on the road there is enough improvement to justify the cost and to use the same machine in a few months will prove the efficacy of it all. Professional job involving 2 techs and a laser alignment machine done in 20 minutes. Very reasonable price. So far I can recommend their services Scanwheel data2.pdf
  4. Do not like hearing people grinding the starter pinion on ring gear so I am happy for the computer to do the starting thing.
  5. Thanks for the replies. This locking issue is new to me. My toyota usage includes owning 1997 es300, camry 1987, corolla 1979, carona 1981, driving many Post Office cars and vans and various rental cars over the last 60 years. I thought I had a fault until the car salesman answer his cell phone to tell me what to try with doors and switches. Not a bad idea considering the auto stop wiz bang thing. I used to wonder where the old goats wearing a hat and glasses to drive a car got a license. Now I am one of them!
  6. It will not lock unless it has been turned ignition off whilst in park. Tell me who knew that? it is probably in the book I have that is written in Kanji. Where could I find information like that on this site?
  7. I am in New Zealand have just ought a second hand Spade 2012 from a dealer who admits to having relatives buying for him in Japan. The car is in good order cost me $8000 92000Km travelled. This is a low retail price for NZ. It was very frustrating trying to glean information from you tube and google before purchase. Extensive reviews of glove boxes and ash trays, but not much to do with a car on roads. I had an issue with keyless locking; my hands were exhausted on the PC but I believe the issue was after engine shut off it is needing another press of engine stop to fully sign out of all electronics to permit locking. I have so far had to replaced on tail light bulb $4.50 and now in a rage I have 10 more coming from China @$4.60 including airmail.
  8. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

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