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  1. Checked this morning using ODB3 reader - 14.2V when cold. By the time I reached work (10min) it was down and oscillating between 11.2 and 13.2V.
  2. Sorry, well under 14V; 13.2V to be precise.
  3. So... I've replaced the alternator and that seemed to have improved things but some flickering was still there (power steering is now OK). Yesterday, after driving 100 miles I did a start-off-start sequence and the car wouldn't start. I replaced the battery now as the previous one was really old - but the flickering is still there and the voltage at battery terminal is well under 13.2V. Checked with the other car - that one was giving 14.2V. Am I right in thinking that voltage regulator is integrated with the alternator? If so, what else is there to go wrong?!
  4. I'm now thinking - is the power steering pump not driven directly from the aux belt? In such case it'd be more the case of the power steering pump loading the alternator intermittently and causing what I'm experiencing. What do you think?
  5. Hi All Recently my 2011 Verso 2.0 diesel started having issues. When driving the headlights flicker, so does the dashboard back light and cabin light if I put it on. Also, the power steering goes intermittently for about a second every now and again - you just feeling it on the steering wheel. Battery voltage with engine off is 12.4V, when idling 12.8V,and at 2000RPM is 13.3V. Do you think it's the voltage regulator or the battery?
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