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  1. Any update from the person that was told 16th July @Good girl
  2. Was talking to my dealer today, he said there was nothing official but his understanding is that Toyota have identified a fix, now have to design & produce a new part, this will then be shipped to replace the offending parts on cars already in Europe and waiting to be shipped. Then applied to the production line. He said he expected to make his first deliveries in September. As I said, not official but he's a good guy and can't see him making anything up to keep me sweet, the opposite in fact, he's normally cautious regarding delivery dates etc and then surprises me early.
  3. I've read about Ohme chargers, they do seem to be available on a limited basis in Ireland which is good. The entrepreneur behind Ohme is a Irish man, from Cork no less - the best type of Irishman
  4. I haven't got any information from my dealer except due to the recall their demo car hasn't been delivered
  5. I'm also in Ireland. My dealer didn't have any info on what might be included with the bZ4X. My Corolla came with 3 years servicing so was hoping for similar and charger as well but no info on that from my end. Please share any info you get for Ireland, extras etc with each trim. My dealer told me the Motion didn't come with a heated steering wheel but the Toyota Ireland website says it does, there is always some confusion with Irish models as we tend not to get what is standard in the UK or Europe but something a little more inferior - that's my experience across several different brands anyway. Grateful for anything you can share in the coming months that is Ireland specific.
  6. I don't know, he gave me a call as he promised me he'd have a car for a test drive next week after putting me off a couple of times over the last couple of weeks. I have seen post on Twitter that showed a couple of bZ4s at a sustainability show over the weekend in Ireland but can't find any garages offering test drives
  7. Just off the phone with my Toyota rep here in Ireland, he says he got an email saying the launch of the car was on hold Europe wide due to a recall and had no further information. I know the car has landed in some UK garages but he says now he doesn't expect to have a car for test drives until whatever the issue is, is resolved. He is expecting a media announcement soon but I can't find anything online yet.
  8. Hi all, Was talking to my garage in Ireland today, they were originally hoping for a testing model to be available early this week, then it was this Thursday or Friday, now it is being pushed out to next week. I saw on Twitter that at least one bZ4x has arrived in Ireland. He was also saying that due to the shutdowns in Shanghai there are delays in shipping ordered models. The Toyota system was telling him that a car ordered now would be delivered at end of June/early July but he is predicting late September. Anyone with anything they can add please
  9. Hi all, thanks for having me. I didn't know there was such a thing as this group so delighted to randomly find you. I've had many Toyotas in the past but currently drive a 2019 Corolla TS hybrid. Am awaiting a test in the bZ4x and am seriously thinking of ordering. Díarmuid
  10. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

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