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  1. Replaced injector nozzles. When I checked the nozzles, there was scraping at the ends. Vehicle traction was much better. But on the first start, the smoke continues. There was an increase in the smell of raw diesel. No smoke when using. I will now replace the spark plugs with the original denso. I will inform you.
  2. Sorry for my typos. My English is not good enough. I'm just someone looking for a solution. My car is 1.4 diesel. When the glow plug light goes out, I start it and the car starts with one start. First, my vehicle was connected to the device at the Toyota authorized service and it was said that the injector values of 3 and 4 were bad. But I had it done a month ago. Now I found a good technical service, I will have it checked again during the week and as you said, I will have the originals of the glow plugs installed. I will let you know.
  3. car at 200,000 kilometers. i changed the glow plugs. I couldn't find the original spark plug. The spark plug that came out was long, the one we put in was short. Fat burning is not available. They said the injector is dripping but when checked on the machine there is no dripping. They said that sometimes they can't see the drip in the machine. I don't know if this is true.
  4. Hello everyone, I have a 2008 model 1.4 engine automatic Auris vehicle. It throws gray smoke for about 10-15 seconds on first start up. Its smell is in the form of raw diesel. Injector maintenance, engine gasket replacement was done in my vehicle. Change spark plugs. EGR and Catalytic converters checked. However, the problem still persists. Is there anything I missed? I'm waiting for your help.
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