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  1. Found YouTube Link Thanx again https://youtu.be/8rRSZs6ZSZ4
  2. Thanks! Any simple diagram or YouTube clip that show How to access it pls?
  3. Hi As far as I know there are two fuse location in the Aygo Engine area and both sides of the steering wheel Just notice now in the owners book there's a side fuse panel, towards the driver door around the electric mirror buttons Is this true?
  4. thats what i thought also 🤨 mine worked perfect for 3-4 days, no issue at all
  5. few updates and questions after a week using the unit : 1.the unit is responsive and no delays when the iphone connected or not . 2.the share screen is very useful and add few simple yet needed apps that dosent exist in the 2 button version like waze and spotify and even the phone app in the iphone ( contacts and favorite for example ) 3.my phone never ends battery this week since i charge it when driving , lol few questions tho … 1.while regular simple driving few days ago the unit screen went black and the radio died, i pressed the start button long and after few seconds the unit turned on and sounded the radio station i was listing too. in this ride it happened twice again , total 3 times . i msged the eBay seller and told him what happened , he asked if i coded the unit to my car (????) , does it sound familiar ? how i do it ? any guide i can use to do so? 2. the software version is attached . do i need any update of it , and if so - where i can download it from pls ? sorry for the long post and thank u for reading 🙂
  6. ordered the trim from my dealer, thanx ! as u can see theres some rust in the trim place …does painting it with Hammerite antirust can prevent the rust from going on ?
  7. just got the three button unit today 12 min installation works greattttt
  8. Understood And yes i do have in front doors
  9. So this set will fit the dash?
  10. Hi Wanted to upgrade the front dash speakers, with new simple set speakers Saw few YouTube videos recommending jvc j420x Anyone here tried them out? Any speakers recommend here?
  11. Hi In my car the passenger roof rubber/plastic line is missing Any ideas where i can buy it used pls? Couldn't find it on eBay Thanx!
  12. Hi all i own Citroen c1 2018. In the driver seat theres a ,"knack" sound when i seat down . The 4 bolts of the seat that connected to the car body ,looks tight and secured,the backrest tho have little loose issue that might do the sound that make me insane:) Any ideas what and where to chk and maybe tight if possible?
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