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  1. Hello sorry for the late answer Tspirit version.
  2. Just bought a prius 2009 gen3 really nice car, got a few questions though the bulbs can they be changed with LED ones without any errors ? Can the seats be replaced with something more comfortable or just to add some seats cover as after a few hours my back its killing me? How do I stop the traffic program as is really annoying😁?
  3. Thanks a lot for all the answers, got a 2009 gen3 really nice driving, altough i got an issue, how do i stop the freaking traffic announcements as i cant find the option or dont know where to look the system is the one with the touch screen
  4. Hello Catlover, Thanks for the reply my budget is around 5000£-6000£ at the moment, found quite a few in decent condition at that price, as I would not want to go any higher for the same car which would be a Gen 3, I have already ordered a Catlock just in case. 😄
  5. Hello I am looking to get a Prius, but I am a bit confused about the GEN1,GEN2, GEN3? I am interested in the facelift model not the 2008 ones. What I should be aware of as in this period most of them are high mileage which I don't mind, as I will service it as soon as I am buying it and when inspecting it what I should be aware of ?
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