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  1. I live in a very flat place in the centre of Ireland. all my local trips are on flat roads. I cycle and run - I know them to be flat. The tyre pressure light is permanently on even though the tyres are correct. Is this the issue?
  2. Im in the 1.8 HB model. Just noticed the tyre pressure symbol is lit up on the dash. Tyres are 33 all around. Could this be it? perhaps a fault with tyre pressure monitor??
  3. Thanks i had the cruise control on the whole way. Driving conditions were normal and not windy or raining. I checked tyres and all read 33. Since I got the car the fuel consumption indicator has changed very little and no reads 6.7/100km. We have 3 cars and 1 is a 1.8 17 year old vw petrol and it shows 5.6/100 now. aggghh
  4. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

  5. Hey, I just bought a 10month old corolla hybrid 1.8 HB from Toyota dealer. All their tests pass and looks like a great car. The dealer is 120 miles from home and on the way back the fuel consumption read 7.0l/100km and reduced over the 120 mile journey to only 6.7l/100km. I presumed this was an average of the previous owners tips but it isn't. What is going wrong please and what do I do?
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