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  1. Hi Tony Thanks for the reply. I was informed that the disc brakes on my car are bigger than the quoted 281mm size above (291mm or 292mm cant remember). Firstly from that Ebayer seller mentioned above and then from a local garage who gave me a quote. The garage said that the parts where a pain to source for my vehicle. The local garage quoted me £400 for new discs, pads and a new bearing fitted... which is obviously expensive. Toyota quoted me £250 for just new pads and discs to be fitted or £180 for the pads and discs themselves. I was half inclined to just pay the £180 roughly for the pads and discs from Toyota and have a go fitting them myself. At least then I would know that they fit. I have bought parts before and went to the time and effort of fitting them, to then find out they do not fit and you have wasted time stripping the parts off. Alex
  2. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

  3. Hi all I picked up my 2018 Toyota C-HR a few months back and have now noticed that the passenger rear disc brake is all scored looking. A grinding noise is coming from it that I can hear when the window is down even at low speeds. I can also hear a whining as If the wheel bearing has started to go from the same wheel when I am going above 35mph. Does the Hybrid version have different disc and brake pads than the 1.2T 2WD model? I have been searching online and noticed a listing for a set of rear pads and discs on Ebay, which actually states that it will fit my car in the listing and fitment guide. I emailed the seller with my registration and he came back and said that it was actually a set at over 2 times the price that I would need. I usually use Europarts when buying car parts the majority of the time... but they do not list any disc brakes for my car on there website. The listing for brake pads actually has 2 different sized brake pads. Unfortunately money is tight so I don't have money to waste. Any help would be appreciated. Alex
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