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  1. Hey, I just bought the 2012 Yaris 1l and I feel like the biting point is a bit higher than a couple of other cars I drove (just family/friends cars) but I think its easy to get used to after a while. I dont think its a problem but this is my first car so take that with a tablespoon of salt! I just happen to stall it a sometimes (still a leaner and traffic sometimes puts pressure on me lol). Hope that helps Point to note though, Ive only been getting around 7-7.5l/100km on this with mostly city driving. Not sure how that compares to your current car. I was expecting at least 6l/100km but I guess I was wrong.
  2. Ill get that done soon yeah, he recommended waiting a few months when the next full service is due 🙂 Im just happy its not a lemon!
  3. Hey guys, went to a garage and he said the engine is fine. There seems to be something up with the exhaust but he recommended not doing any replacements or work on it. Seems like I'm in the clear?
  4. Hmmm yeah Im hoping its something as simple as the plugs. Good idea on the fluids too, ill also ask them to do that for me tomorrow. I just hope its nothing big cause I dont want to spent 1k+ on this 😞
  5. It was probably like that when it was sold, the dude said it never gave him any issues. He seemed straight up cause he had bought an automatic and wanted to sell this one off. I got the car for 4.5k which is cheap for this car so maybe that's why. But the car was dinged up on the outside so I thought it was cause of that. Pray for me @everyone lol. Any other advice for when I go to a garage, pls lemme know! I will update ye when I go to the garage tomorrow.
  6. What're the chances of this just being a goofed spark plug causing a misfire? Is it a misfire?
  7. I doubt I'll be able to get my money back. That's not good news... What kinda work/money am I looking at?
  8. A couple of extra videos. Ill most likely go to a garage on Saturday too to check it out just in case. https://photos.app.goo.gl/aQgqGRAwLk5qpPyk6 https://photos.app.goo.gl/iN6zKCpQbuxZFP738
  9. The oil on the dipstick is golden/black (at the bottom its black but its golden near the min/max sign). 177,000kms (about 110,000 miles) Last service was done 5/6 months ago according to him. It was NCTd on the 17th of May 2022, and before that it was 24th of Jan 2020. The difference between those two dates in terms of kms travelled was about 26,000 kms. So I would say about 6,000-8,000 kms? No service record unfortunately. The "knocking" sound can be heard a lil in the cabin too, but since this is my first car Im not sure if Im supposed to expect that noise or not. Its a 2012 Yaris Terra 998c manual petrol btw.
  10. Hey guys, just purchased a 2012 Yaris Terra (my first car). I was in the car when I heard the engine sound and felt like something was off, not sure though. Can I get your opinions on it please? Im hoping for nothing (big) to be wrong with it. Is something wrong or am I worrying over nothing? The last service (according to the seller) was 5/6 months ago. Thanks! Snapchat-458914895.mp4
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