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  1. The steering seems to have more weight in sport mode than it does in ECO or Normal. May just be my imagination though.
  2. 52 on the dash after a full charge. Can usually get 48 in real world ECO driving. Half that when pushing air resistance on the outside lane of the motorway though 🙃
  3. We have a bank of 8 ChargePlace Scotland 22kW chargers in the local sports centre across the road all totally free. I'm usually up at 7am drive the 200yds to the EV chargers then walk back home for breakfast and a shower, car fully topped up by 9am.
  4. JBL takes a bit of setting up, I found the "mids" were overpowering but a small tweak of the eq fixed that. I'm very pleased with it now. No 360° camera on my top spec PHEV 😡 I had it on my previous Tiguan and really miss it.
  5. Mine is also JBL and if you pop off the front dash grille it looks totally different.
  6. Bear in mind that many of the public EV chargers are still free or heavily subsidised by the local council, at least up here in Scotland. For the last month I have paid £12 for 184.6kWh of electricity which at 3 miles per kWh is around 550 miles. Won't get far on £12 of petrol nowadays. ChargePlace Scotland needs to update their "petrol equivalent" metrics in their app from last year's values 😉
  7. Toyota UK are aware of this thread after I alerted them to the problems we were having with our PHEVs and the MyT app. A very helpful chap by the name of Amar at Toyota Customer Relations passed it to one of their support teams and they were able to make the fix. I'd suggest that Adam emails them at cr@toyota.co.uk with the relevant VIN and reg details.
  8. Sorted thanks to Amar at Toyota UK. Needed a change at their end and now the app populates with all the correct settings.
  9. Checking my car on the Toyota web portal my RE1 model is listed as an MY21 instead of MY22 Not sure it makes any difference though.
  10. Same issues with my RAV4 PHEV and MyT app. Big blank space where the battery status and A/C should be.
  11. Same here. Collected my RAV4 PHEV Dynamic Premium last month and asked the dealers to charge it up for collection. Zero EV range...!
  12. I have vented and heated seats and they are fine.
  13. Have updated the MyT app, removed the car and added it back in again. No change. Still showing as model RE1 and no PHEV settings in app. Fired off an email to Toyota UK head office to see if it's a change they need to make on their end server wise.
  14. Many thanks Philip for that info. It's now fully verified on the web portal but the app is still showing the same as before even with a deletion and reinstall on the device. Will wait a while to see if it eventually propagates from the server. Failing that will have to accept this as a bug.
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