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  1. Final update - left it in Ready for 2.5hrs yesterday. After this the 12v battery seems to be charged (enough) and everything working as expected. Thanks for all the help!
  2. Ooooh, good to know. I've just been back to my Mum's and I've got it going again and we've left it in ready mode. Was going to leave it an hour, but will give it longer in that case. Thanks!
  3. Just in case people come to this thread with similar issue, I managed to get the car going using a 12v leisure battery, and a cable leant against the terminal in the yellow circle (pic above) and negative to metal housing in engine bay. Car came on and I was able to drive it. Interestingly, I drove it for ~20 mins or so, expecting the 12v battery to have charged somewhat, but when I got back and turned it off, it was in the same state again. So maybe I need that replacement batter after-all - but at least I know how to get it going.
  4. Ahh. Yep that post is same problem. So if I can get a connection to that bolt underneath to left of red fuse I should be able to charge it?
  5. Actually, checking the pic you posted, Flash22 - seems like terminal is that bolt underneath. The clips I have wouldn't get to that so might need some longer nose clips instead.
  6. OK, here's a couple more pics of that right hand side fuse box. Also the left hand side one - just in case. And complete engine bay.
  7. Ahh, thanks for that. It didn't seem to have that bit either - as I think I would have clocked it and tried it - but I will check shortly and post pic from same angle.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Next time I go past my Mum's will get pic of whole bay. I'll also get a downward pic looking next to the red fuse. There's something that looks like a terminal end there (with a screw head and cables going away from it) - but I am far from mechanically gifted - so didn't want to guess! No idea if replacement manual, they bought it second hand from Toyota direct and it came with that. It was registered April '13.
  9. My Mum has a 2013 Yaris hybrid with a flat battery. I've read the manual (and watched some youtube videos) and am trying to locate 'exclusive jump start terminal' which should be under a red cover in right hand fuse box. But it's not there!? Pics are of the actual manual - yet in the other pic you'll see it isn't there!? Is it missing!? Or somewhere else?
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