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  1. A couple of years ago my Mazda 2 replacement key was quoted at £287 plus VAT from the dealership - after she had temporarily lost the key having borrowed my car. So I wasn't surprised at the Honda price. I'd assume Toyota keys would be in the same ballpark. I might give the local dealership a call tomorrow and find out.
  2. Yesterday afternoon I called an auto locksmith I've used before. I've had to get multiple keys for the old Honda (though they are different with separate key and fob) when my wife has lost them in the past. If I remember correctly the last key and fob came to £90 from him - whereas the dealer was looking for over £300. The locksmith said since it was the weekend his sources were limited but he did come back to me later in the day apologising as the only one he could source was a Toyota part at £200. He said he'd try his other sources on Monday - the way my wife loses keys he knows he'll get the repeat business!
  3. We bought a 2011 Yaris T spirit 1.33 yesterday in a private sale. The car's been looked after and there's a stack of service history and relatively low mileage. Genuinely the seller was moving abroad, leaving the city today - we'd agreed the sale a couple of weeks ago allowing her to use the car till she left. A couple of things cropped up that I've spent the morning working through - before finding this site. Firstly I couldn't work out how my iphone music wouldn't work through the USB port to the TomTom TNS410 receiver nor through the bluetooth connection even though it worked as a handsfree for calls. I've since found out that it requires a ridiculously expensive cable to do so, so I think I'll forget that and buy a radio bluetooth plug in for the cigarette lighter port. Also the parking sensors on the rear don't appear to function - no beep, no indicator on the TNS410 screen, just a blue screen - thought the reversing light works - any suggestions? Lastly I'd like to buy another key with remote functionality as the second key I have doesn't have remote functionality - but I assume Toyota would be ridiculously expensive - does anyone have any cheaper suggestions? My wife loses car keys regularly.
  4. Just joined as we've bought a 2011 Toyota Yaris T spirit. We've finally scrapped our 2005 Honda Civic Mk7 with 140k on the clock. My wife loved the Honda but hated the newer egg shaped version so we ran the old one into the ground. My brother in law has had Yaris's for the past 10 years and my son has had one for 5 years and both really like them so we thought we'd join the family.
  5. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

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