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  1. Hi All, Im in search of advice of my recurring nightmare... HHHELPP!!! No the truth is, ive got an old yaris 1.0 vvti 2003 that had a rattling timing chain, so after running it to work and back after a month or so, like an idiot.. it gave up on me. So after getting it checked out by a mechanic, i decided to buy a second hand engine, not knowing about the various engine versions for that car. I was happy enough when the guy i bought it off quoted that it was a 1SZ engine. Cut a longgggg story short i fitted the replacement engine to find that the camshaft sensor (2-pin) wont fit the wiring loom (3-pin) thats fitted in the car... Ive swapped the sensors around from old engine but when i turn it over ive got no spark or feul to the injectors. Is there a work around for this problem ? So i believe my original engine was the French Build and my doner engine is the Japanese ? Thanking You, Chris
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    1. chris113423334


      Thanks Steve,

      Im in need of some advice please. Ive got a toyota yaris 1.0 vvti 2003. Ive just fitted a replacement engine in it. but ive ran into trouble while i was pluging the connectors in. everything connected the same as the old engine except for the camshaft sensor... the wiring loom in my car has a 3pin connector, but the camshaft senor that is in the engine i just put in has only 2pins. I believe there are two versions of this engine(1SZ) which at the time of buying it i wasnt aware of the different camshaft sensor connections , so if anyone could guide me in the right direction i would really appreciate it.

      Cheers Chris


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