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  1. Just to update you guys, toyota are saying it's leaking past the boot seal and are going to replace it. I'm a little sceptical as the boot carpets aren't wet, I believe the water is getting in somewhere lower, but I'll update once the new seal has been fitted and we get some rain.
  2. Thank you. Hopefully this can be sorted quickly by Toyota
  3. Thank you. The floor plugs are still there, so it must be one of the other regular issues
  4. Hi guys. My mother recently purchased a 2018 Toyota chr 1.8 hybrid. We've noticed quite a bit of water in the rear tyre well, yet the boot carpets are still dry. We will book it into the dealership to get it repaired, but I was wondering is this a common fault with any known solutions? Or should we be quite concerned about the water getting in?
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