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  1. Just to let you know I also get a slight jolt but from P to D and this happens usually in the mornings while the car has been sat overnight. Mines a 2012. My previous car also did the same thing which was a merc e class which was a common thing on the 7g tronic box but either way nothing to worry about 👍
  2. Could be a number of things but have you checked the turbo boost pipe ? bad injectors could be another cause ..
  3. Awesome many thanks ! 😁
  4. Just had another look and found this ….. i think from the info you’ve kindly given me it appears that I don’t have a cat loc so will need to get one asap. I’m assuming most garages will do this and not just the dealership right ? cheers Chris
  5. Ok I’ll take another look and send a better pic if you don’t mind ? Really appreciate the useful info as I’m new to Toyota .. it’s interesting you mention that the exhaust isn’t an original factory part but how can you tell ?
  6. Hi all I just wondered if anyone could tell me if the image below is of a cat loc or not ? thanks for any advice. Chris
  7. As the weather is lovely I did a wash & wax then finished with a polish using AUTOGYLM.. which is great stuff !! here are some photos of the finished job .. I’ll take some more this evening when the sun goes down !
  8. Thanks guys you’re comments are much appreciated ! chris
  9. Hi all newbie here so apologies in advance if this has already been covered .. I’ve recently switched wheels from a Mercedes’ e class to a Toyota auris hybrid main reason being the rising costs of fuel ! I must admit I was a little nervous giving up my merc for a toyota but so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how good the auris is especially the hybrid synergy drive .. it’s a lot smoother than I expected! Anyway my reason for posting was to ask about servicing the auris particularly the CVT box .. could someone tell me when this should be done if at all ? And what other things do you recommend getting done apart from the usual fluids / filter change ? she’s done approx 74k miles and is the MK1 gen in white ! thanks for any help ! chris
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