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  1. Have a 2010 model Avensis to use as a weekend/holiday car. Already have a small electric car that is used as an everyday car. I've only had problems with the Avensis recently. First I had to fix the steering axle, then I had to change the exhaust. On holiday the car suddenly went into emergency mode, so I took it in and had it serviced and the oil filter changed as it seemed that the oil filter was the problem - According to roadside assistance and the workshop. Recently the car went into emergency mode again. Then the error code showed that it was the lambda probe that had to be replaced. Handed it in and had it replaced. Today I was on my way home from work and during an overtaking the car went into emergency mode again. Connected to error code reader and got "fuel leak". Cleared the error code and was able to drive again. Could not find any leak. I'm so tired of the car now. Can't trust it. Any idea what could be wrong? Could it be an injector? It is an Avensis T27 with a 2.0D engine.
  2. I have received price offers from two different workshops. One will have $ 350 to fix it, the other will have $ 1600 if the diagnosis is correct, and the part loosens without problems. If this is an easy job I would like to do it myself, but I need help finding out where the sensor is on my car.
  3. Engine lights come on and the engine runs hard. I connected a OBD2 reader and got the following error code (See image). Where is this sensor located, and how can I change this myself? Did not find out with the help of google. It is a 2010 model Avensis t27 with 2.0D engine.
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