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  1. Hiya, I've got a 1.6 4af 1992 automatic liftback rolla, that is having some serious issues with idling. It doesn't idle when the car is first turned on and instead stalls when rpms drop down, so it has to be revved at junctions until the car has warmed up. When it has warmed up though it then surges pretty ferociously when idling. I was told when I bought the car that it was a carb issue so I'm going off that and I'm pretty desperate to get a new one. Unfortunately I have no idea what carb it needs nor where to find one. We've done pretty much all the fault findings in the Haynes manual and according to the manual it has a k type carb. I just want to make sure that the one I buy does go in this car so I'm just wondering what I should look up and where do I look for one? Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers
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