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  1. That is a great info. Can you share the page nr. of this info, because I am using the same service manual and I was not able to find this. Though it has around 8.000 pages…
  2. Thx for sharing, I will verify that. So, the went should be turned towards the front or the rear of the car? Yes, I was not worried about that ;).
  3. For me 17Nm was also to light, so I ''gambled'' with 22Nm :).
  4. For me 17Nm was also to light, so I ''gambled'' with 22Nm :).
  5. Yesterday was a good day. I remembered that I have some ''twisty'' tools in my toolbox, so I have checked and with some improvisation from different sets I ended up with this :): Coils are out. The third one has rust on it. Should I leave it or it will be a problem in the future? Spark plugs removal Original factory spark plugs look healthy (if we ignore the upper part): Fresh spark plugs ready for installation I had to improvise a little bit with the spark plugs installation #DIY πŸ™‚ A question: what is the torque that you have tightened the spark plags to? On Denso spec sheet is 17Nm, but Autodoc video says 27Nm. I have checked the official Toyota maintenance guide and I have not found a torque spec for this.😑 I have not noticed any difference in driving with new spark plugs. Videos used:
  6. I have looked at the Autodoc video. I will get that extension tool, because removing the whole upper part looks really timeconsuming. Thx for the tip :).
  7. Are you sure regarding the transmission oil and no difference? The old transmission oil was really bad. I have replaced oil on many transmissions and have not yet seen so burned transmission oil. And I do not mean that the car puls better as better acceleration. I can cleary feel the difference when you just sligtly add the throttle and the revs really jump up immediatelly, before the oil replacement this action was much more sluggish. Air filter was fine, not really new, but far from clogged. Regarding the engine oil: it could be that this is because first 2.000km the first owner did and he had only shorter distances. At least according to official Toyota invoice the oil was replaced at 140.300km, so 13.000km ago. Though I have expected such oil. I did not find it to bad, because it still has that gold glow at the top. I will do next oil service in 12.000km and see what the oil will be. What do you recommend for engine flush? Regarding the oil housing tool: I choose this because it was thicker, so though stronger and for both it was stated that it would fit Prius 3. Another example when bigger is not always better 🀣. Anyway, now it fits after 1 hour of sawing, lool.
  8. Do you also feel the difference after replacing transmission oil? I was really pleasantly surprised because even before replacement it was nice, but now it is really excellent.
  9. First I would like to thank you all for your info, it really helped since I am new to Toyota ownership. I have finally managed to get all the parts and do this ''big'' service. It took me cca. 6 hours of which 1 hour was trimming down the oil filter housing to fit (I will explain more at the end) and 40 minutes to get the lift ready and back to the storage. I still need to replace the spark plugs and in the spring I plan to clean the EGR. That should be it hopefully. Car on the lift All the parts: genuine Toyota coolant (10l, used cca. 7l), genuine Toyota transmission oil (4l), Mahle cabin and oil filter, Bosch air filter, 4x genuine Toyota gaskets: 3x 904301-8008 (1x transmission coolant, 2x transmission fluid), 1x 900804-3037 for oil drain plug Transmission fluid out To add the transmission fluid I have used 1m plastic hose and funnel from the top Comparison of new and old transmission fluid (it is completelly done). This is where I am mad at the old owner, because it is really bad, since it was supposed to be already replaced. The car has 153.000 km. I really do not know, how some owners drive without replacing the transmission fluid and they do not have problems. I have used all 4l of the fluid, but some then overflowed out. I let it drip out for half an hour. Though it was strange, because according to Toyota service manual only 3.3l of fluid should be put in. For comparison: replacing the transmission oil on a 22 year old Audi A2 with manual transmission: you can stil see golden reflection at the top I have immediatelly noticed on the first drive that the transmission is much ''peppier'', it moves much more freely and reacts really immediatelly. I have not noticed this before, but now I see that the transmission reaction before replacing the transmission fluid was much more sluggish, so I am really happy with the result. Also I think that when engine turns on/off while driving is less noticeable. I hope that no damage was done to the transmission due to this late transmission fluid change. Air filter replacement Cabin filter replacement Inverter coolant replacement Colour of the coolant is a little different, but this should not be a problem (new is on the right) Topping engine and inverter coolant Maintenance mode to allow coolant to the circle Coolant level on the inverter really drops fast, so you need to be quick to add it:). New oil filter Comparison of the old and new oil. On the right side is genuine Toyota oil after 13.000km (8.077miles) service. On the left side is fresh Mobil 1 0W-20 X2 for comparison (first time see green coloured engine oil). The old oil is quite black, but you can still see the golden reflection. It is not burned through and through. Car was mainly driven on a longer trips (cca. 30 miles one way) on highway with cruise control set at 60mph. Very little city or short driving. I bought this oil filter housing tool but it did not fit, because the outer part was to thick. So I needed to trim it down with a hand iron saw πŸ˜“. But at the end everything worked out and now I have a working tool for next oil change. I have two questions: cabin ventilator is below the cabin air filter. As I have tested it sucks the air from top down through the cabin filter, right? how to reset service interval? Or can you reset it only when the reminder is active? I have tried with the method of holding the button down while turning the ignition on, but it does not work. Also I have not found the instructions in the service manual. Is it possible to reset it via Techstream? Again thank you all for your info, it was really of great help. Now I am a little bit more comfortable with working on this Toyota. And now that I have all part numbers it will be easy to do the future maintenance. For coolant replacement I have found this video really helpfull: For transmission fluid:
  10. I agree. Anyway if anyone from EU will need the genuine Toyota coolant, here is the cheapest one: https://www.ato24.de/de/toyota-kuehlerfrostschutz-super-llc-premixed-pink.html Basically 110 EUR with shipping vs 170 EUR for 10l of fluid. Still shockingly expensive for a transmission fluid, but much better. πŸ™‚ And they offer also genuine transmission fluid for a very good price: https://www.ato24.de/de/toyota-automatik-getriebeoel-atf-ws-1-l.html
  11. A quick question. I have found on Ebay this: https://www.ebay.de/itm/175190138340?epid=1116756924&hash=item28ca255de4:g:Qq4AAOSwpTFgSJxN&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoOQZgr65aye2ftHMkvI%2BeQVvz%2FsIZoHajako%2F57EX1WfbKZKOjGOYh0ukax6y5VeHtPXd4DzlGVGsOWxkyCpYc%2Bg2Ko9x0kvdf9Sumya5AOxIVBucA0gkefcOKy7Ffj7xYxTZmTa0e8VVX39w8lBUNkTaa8RlFCn1oUAGbZQKmXpjM2MUspM8f8xy%2BtEgI0q%2FM%2BWEPcBMq6gOLAcXCFEf7w%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR9b0hvfmYA So, your part nr.: 08889-80072 But our american colleagues use this part nr.: 00272-SLLC2 and this seller also sells it: https://www.ebay.de/itm/175009209747?epid=1616803351&hash=item28bf5c9d93:g:FOIAAOSwbUFiRBik&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoF72%2B%2BWkACtUvfRJ%2BwI6Wb68qgtAYJCLJGxwPcBDUBA7q7EDWMrojAFeKJ%2Fo5sHSES1hW4qGZ9mXhHNWl%2B4Vdjh2EW6JZXvGGQm0LHH1dUBrqBY86YKPykx9T1zbgX9RdSEIUan%2FoyMTVVDLamSbG%2BGxfIoSlYt3aeh4NgngxsWQoKiIz2b%2FMHY48pmYSDqHVSAoY6T7Pavhuv7XDPLhBmY%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR7i7mvfmYA Do you know what is the difference (except the quantity)? Is it the same coolant inside? Because this price for 08889-80072 is a little bit more wallet frendly :). And also the seller has a very good feedback.
  12. Thx. Sadly this link does not help, because due to postage + customs costs it is even more expensive than if I just buy here at Toyota dealer. Well, I will go with 7l for engine coolant and hopefully 2l will remain also for inverter coolant. I need to remove the plastic anyway, because I need to replace also the transmission oil (this is the most important item, since it is already way overdue). I am still waiting for the delivery of it, crazy times :(.
  13. I have another question regarding coolant fluid. Huh, I have checked and here in Slovenia 1l costs 17 EUR, which means that I would need to spend 170 EUR for 10l of coolant fluid (7,2 engine + 2.1 inverter). I have checked and alternative manufacturers (Febi for example) the cost would be 60 EUR. I will buy the original Toyota coolant, since I have read everywhere to use only original Toyota coolant, but are there any other REPUTABLE suppliers of genuine Toyota coolant in Europe? Because this has really shocked me. I was paying 30 EUR for a QUALITY coolant for my Skoda car. If I need to pay so much, I will just replace the coolant on engine part, since it is now due at 150.000km and I will replace the inverter part at 240.000 as it is stated in the maintenance schedule.
  14. Thx for this. Well this is a total mess. I really do not get it that Toyota puts different distances on different documents. I am really interested to see in which state the transmission fluid will be.
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