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  1. It's knocking as the pistons go up and down but doesn't seem to be miss firing. The last oil. Check was before the 4 hour drive to Norfolk for ten days should of checked befor the drive back as well. There is no oil on the drive when parked but the bottom of the engine was very wet oily when we pulled up at the service around one of the oil filters but none on the ground when we left and the rac had put a tub of oil in it. There does seem to be a rasp now when I sat in it and reved it slightly on the drove. but not whilst driving befor the breakdown.
  2. My engin started knocking on the motorway, managed to get it to a service station, rac man said it was bone dry and was a new engin job, after putting oil in it nd turning it over. It drove on and then off the recovery truck and down the lane I live as recovery truck wouldn't fit. A mechanic said it was savable as it hadn't seized. Is it worth trying to save it or scrap it. It's a desil, 05 plate with 210,000 miles on it.
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