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  1. So work around £200 to do it myself then. Since it is the brakes and never touched them before, prob best if I can source the parts myself and get a garage to fit them. Disks and Pads easy to find. But the Caliper is a !Removed! !Removed! to source
  2. Hi everyone! Got a new issue with the Starlet. Noticed my car was badly pulling when braking on the M6 last weekend. Took it to my Local garage and after 15 minutes of looking at the brakes he informed me that I have flash fried my front left disk. Basically the calliper became stuck and forced the pads on the left side onto the disk. During driving this of course was producing some serious amount of heat so friction coefficient was zero, hence why the car was pulling. I was also informed that I am looking around £500 for a repair, which includes a new calliper on the left side with new pads and disks on both. The Starlet is on 93,000 and just passed its MOT three weeks ago. I do not want to spend that amount of money as I getting rid of the trouble free (well nearly) starlet soon. Anyone got any ideas?
  3. Just been on the m6 today and when I came off I noticed that my steering has suddenly got a whole lot heavy! Could this be bad news on the shock? Need to replace on of my front tyres too since it getting a bit worn. I might as well go for the full lowering kit (shocks and spring then) Can someone post a good buy.
  4. Just had my car serviced on Monday and my mechanic told me the front drivers side damping unit is showing signs of leakage. Is this bad? Or is it a excuse to get new springs, lowered and new shocks? Where’s the best place to price these up? cheers lads
  5. I have had the same since 41 and it is on 63 now. Would I notice a performace difference with a new fuel filter
  6. Hi Guys, The car is going in for a service (its is begging for one). Since I have had the Sportif, I have never replaced the Fuel filter. Where abouts is it and should it be done.
  7. About time to, I think! Looks a bit like someones elses Great minds think a like. Getting the windows done soon
  8. That my friend is the sound of your battery not being able to supply enough current to kick your starter motor. Unplug all radio/speakers turn off all heat functions and try again. If not give the car a jump start and go for a short drive to give the alternator time to recharge the battery. Though, you may find that you will need replace he battery completely soon, since the negative discharge rate will increase and the battery will become 'flat' more often.
  9. right just removed all the old oil and put in 15w50 - that should be better on fuel
  10. Coolant looks fine. No gunge inside oil so no sign of coolant. What grade do you think?
  11. Ive just put in Magtec 5w-30. Also just put in wynns extreme kit. Will see what this does. Changed sparks today, but no oil on any so I am stumped!
  12. Thought it might since bad fuel economy is starting to take over. I have a local Mechanic who looks after my car is really good, but has only a small garage. Is it recommended to take the car to a Toyota garage and get them to hook it up to a computer. Also the black spots seems to have minimized after putting 5-30 oil into it . Checked sparks today but they seem fine and oil is clear brown with not gunge anywhere to be seen. Going to grab some injector cleaner tomorrow. Which one do you guys tend to use?
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