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  1. Hi the red button lets you move the gear selector without putting the keys in or foot on the brake :) so you can move the car if needs be
  2. hi Rob uk cars have headlight washers and a little spoiler at back of bonnet ,imports dont have this
  3. excellent parcel shelf going for offers (cheap) anyone interested ? in grey :D
  4. Hi what sort of money are you wanting
  5. Hi yorkie they are genuine 15" Gt Four alloys and as you said are different to normal celica alloys
  6. Hi Yorkie i have a oe set of alloys for your car if your interested you can ring me on 07968 037358 going cheap !!!!!!! They are 15" so no problem with clearance
  7. Hi i had this problem on my gen 5 and it ended up being a broken wire down to the sensor on the radiator not actually the sensor.If you remove the plug off the sensor and bridge the two connections with a link wire the fan should stop. if it doesnt it is the sensor at fault
  8. Flywheels are different as the auto has a torque converter and the flywheel is just a thin plate with the ring gear on it .also there is a bearing in the back of the crankshaft that has to be removed if it is a manual box that it was last used with
  9. Hi,you will be able to twist these bars slightly as there are rose joints in the end bushes .the knocking is more likely to be anti roll bar bushes a common failure on celicas dont cost much and only take about 15 minutes to change
  10. Got all four hubs £50 for the lot including shafts/discs/bearings any takers ????????or going in bin
  11. celicaste


    Hi Mais got four as new genuine toyota arms complete with bushes for £100 if your interested
  12. Hi Lee the PWR switch near the gearlever is for the sports gearbox if you put it on it holds the gears longer before changing up so you can accelerate faster
  13. Hi Matt is it a gen 4 or 5 cheers m8
  14. hi can you please ring or txt as i cant pm any of you! the car is still complete but had light front damage
  15. still have the wheel its a white car with blue trim
  16. You can contact me on 07968 037358 :)
  17. Hi All got a gen 5 2.0 gt 1991 breaking if anybody needs some spares
  18. celicaste


    thought it was to do with the waffledong sprocket connected to the fufu valve near the highly milo
  19. Hi you can get a new mast for about £27 from Toyota just make sure all wiring is connected to motor switch radio on feed new mast in and switch radio off and it should pull the new mast down :D
  21. usually find it looks good till the clear coat yellows with the heat then it just looks a mess
  22. Hi gus i use some undiluted traffic film remover i get it from Autosmart. just put it in a spray bottle give the engine a good spray and jet it off at the local petrol station jet wash works a treat . they also sell some stuff called G101 which also works well
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