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  1. https://a.aliexpress.com/_mOtimSW Planning on buying the E500 model of the above head unit for my 2014 auris. Anyone have any experience with it, or can offer any type of feedback ? Thank you.
  2. Thank you for the advice, regarding name brands, they often tend to not integrate with a car very well. I had a seicane unit on my old car, everyone told me to stay away from them, but it was flawless, worked like a charm, parking sensors, climate control, open door display, everything worked. Same deal with a friend's Prius. Got a unit from AliExpress and everything works. I was hoping that anyone had any idea about compatibility between Toyota models, if they had one on their car, etc. As for the guys that do the retrofits, I'd much rather get a unit that runs android than a stock corolla one with android auto (not a big fan) or something like that. Thanks again
  3. Hi everyone, I just bought a 2014 Toyota Auris Hybrid. I love the car, but I'm missing the functionality of a Android Head unit, and I was looking around AliExpress and other sites, and all I can find are some versions that have a 7 inch screen that are specifically for a 2014 Auris. My question is this, are the ones for the facelift model compatible with the pre-facelift model ? I noticed that the hazard light button is another shape, so the frame would most likely not fit, but I was wondering maybe if they fit the original frame of the car. I also found a website claiming that their product is compatible with Corolla 2013-2016 and Auris 2013-2017, anyone got any insight regarding this? Thank you for any input regarding the matter.
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