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  1. mmmm my first time buying a car brand new so never realised / thought about the fact they were all franchises. I will try going through Steven Eagell directly then but I won't hold my breathe. In terms of differences, the Premiere edition I ordered had the 9" upgraded LCD screen, the HUD Display, Full leather interior and a few other add on's. The excel they are offering me has no hud display, has the smaller 8" LCD Screen, it has half fabric interior and doesn't have the safety pack etc.. so it's missing quite a few things I had on the original order which they tell me cannot be added as it's a cancelled order. Additionally, it's a different colour.
  2. Hi all, So I wanted to get some feedback on the best action I can take following an extremely bad experience with Steven Eagell. I ordered a Yaris Cross Premiere Edition 6 months ago. Since the day I ordered the vehicle, I have not been able to track the order. After multiple calls with the dealership and 2-3 months, I finally had the answer that the vehicle had originally been ordered by someone else, then cancelled, so because it was a cancelled order, I cannot track it.... fair enough... So I asked for regular updates which I never received. I called them back a couple of times to add a few additional add-ons (Side step, dash cameras and they told me they would add the boot liner protection pack for free). But when I asked for an email confirmation of the order changes, I never received them. Every time I called the dealership, I was told the sales guy is busy with a customer or not available.... The vehicle was supposed to be delivered on July 28th, never arrived. then I was told August 5th. No one called me, so I called them. I was then told by the sales person who answered that the sales rep I was dealing with had been "kidnapped"........ some lite humour..... basically didnt work there anymore. I then asked to speak to the manager he reported to. Again, told he also was no-longer at the dealership and they had a new manager but he wasn't available but the new sales guy would take over my order and take a look. I was then told the order had no record of any of the addons (side step, cameras and protection pack). so he had to investigate and call me back.... yet again no call back and I had to call them back multiple times. I was then told the vehicle was in a holding compound in the UK and ready to be delivered to the dealership and I would have it within 5 days. Again, no one called me back to arrange anything... I then spoke to them mid last week and told the car wasn't in a holding compound and it's not built yet......... so I asked them to provide an ETA on when I expect to get the car, which they kept avoiding the question. I eventually managed to speak to the new manager who assured me it was being sorted and they were working directly with Toyota to get a lead time. Late on Friday night, I received a call from the new sales rep to tell me that my car does not exist.... and they cannot fulfill the order... they say that the system had a "glitch" and the cancelled order that was assigned to me was a "duplicate" and there is only 1 car, that belongs to the original customer.... (most likely the one that was in the UK Compound....... and parked next to me on Friday......... i have a lovely photo of it..... and only 1 in our town...).... I was told that Toyota refuse to reorder the same spec and that the model is no-longer available.... no compensation.... no offers of good will..... simply told "cancel your order.... or accept an excel model with no addons that is another customers cancelled order"................ So I have just wasted 6 months whilst my current car depreciated in value... and now have to re-order a new car. if I don't accept the lower spec excel (Which is not what I ordered... so i don't want that), then I have to wait until april/may next year now for a new order..... and unable to select the model I original wanted. Is there any point in me raising this to Toyota's customer Relations team? or will I just be fobbed off by them also?
  3. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

  4. I ordered my Premiere Edition Yaris Cross in early March. When I placed my order, it looks like it was a vehicle someone else ordered then cancelled, so I was unable to change things such as colour and some add on's, and was not able to add pano roof... but basic add on's like side step and dash camera's they added and said would be fitted once it arrived at the dealership. My biggest issues is I am unable to track it via the MyT app... despite constantly asking the dealership.... the last update I had from them was that because someone else had placed the original order, it prevents them from adding it to my MyT app... they are also unable to provide a VIN etc.... to add manually. anyone else ever experienced this issue? Being told by sales rep that delivery is estimated July 28th... but I am not convinced... anyone else know if there are delays on the Premiere edition?
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