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  1. Toyota's October production plan is up and there is NO shutdowns listed for the Motomachi plant line #1 (bZ4x, Solterra, Crown and Mirai line). What we don't know is how many models are currently running on that line? We know, via photo evidence, the Crowns are running but have no clue as to the bZ4X, Solterra and the Mirai (don't care about that one, lol). https://global.toyota/en/newsroom/corporate/38043359.html
  2. I don't think that actual ship trip is 10 weeks, I think the 10 weeks includes time at dock, shipment via truck/train to dealer, etc. The ship from Japan to the US East Coast (New York) was 28 days. Ship moved East from Japan, approached the US West coast, turned South-East down to the Panama Canal, Turned North East and finally North to New York Harbor. (the 28 days was the time that mine left the port in Japan to the time of arrival at the Port of New York - kind of cool to track and have screenshots of webcams of it passing through the Panama Canal and entering New York Harbor :D)
  3. The calls to the Toyota US bZ4X team last week were pointless. Motch6 and I called them and was given the same 'no news' stuff. My BZ (in port) is still on a 126 day QC hold with no ETA. However, Motch6 (from the bZ4X forums) had his BZ switch from 126 day to 49 day. With that said, his has been in port a month + more than mine.
  4. Understand it’s gas powered but it’s produced on the same line as the BZ, uses the same hub bolt system and was delayed from July until September 7 for production. I suppose the Crown may not have suffered from the same bolt issue as the BZ but the article I posted earlier about the crown indicated that the countermeasures (fix) for the hub bolts was in place on the shipping crowns.
  5. Probably but with them making and actively shipping the Crown, also with hub bolts, makes me wonder what’s happening.
  6. 1000000% AGREE! At first, I was super excited....and then received the built and shipped notification (again, super excited). QC hold - still excited but a little down and was hoping it was going to be quick (it was not). Eventually, it became a mission with more focus on getting the damn thing than enjoying it. Loss of tax credit immediately with zero give from dealer, Toyota or the government as taken the enjoyment out of it, completely.
  7. You're not the only one. I've been contemplating all weekend just to move on and get or wait for something else. I think if the dealer called today and said that it's ready, I would decline (I'm in the US and taking away the tax credit is a big thing. Hoping it gets put back in temporarily before the dealer calls).
  8. I just caught this from the Crown article that I posted earlier...Not sure what this means. Edit: If reading that right, these would indeed have the fix for the hub bolts already installed. The "G" Advanced models both use the 2.5L Hybrid powertrain. That looks promising. SNIP --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In addition, there is information that only the 2.5L hybrid model will be shipped with countermeasures against the hub bolt recall, so the crown crossover in these images is the "G Advanced" or "G Advanced Leather Package". It will be either. SNIP ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. I've been looking for a webcam for the roads leading to / from the Motomachi (Aichi address) factory, lol. Too many to choose from and, even translated, are hard to understand. 😄
  10. The article translates to: Aichi Prefecture. Would assume that's at the Motomachi Plant where they are built.
  11. Sort of related: Just saw an article that had photos of lots of new Crowns shipping from the factory. Since the Crown is on the same line with same lug bolt issues, it would seem safe to assume this is all fixed. Crowns…lots of Crowns https://car-moby.jp/article/automobile/toyota/crown/new-crown-scoop-sep2022/ Although it has become a disappointing appearance, some of them are finally in sight, and in Aichi Prefecture, the appearance of the new crown crossover being transported on a carrier has been witnessed one after another.
  12. From the BZ4X forum posted by bZ4X about the Solterra....Since this has been said from Canada dealers, Norwegian dealers and now a UK dealer, it seems that the fix is in and the the units about to start delivery again. **Hope** snip--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BZ4X said: I live in the UK I have been called by Subaru dealer yesterday. Delaer told me that cars will be in the dealer sooner than they promissed me. She said that Subaru informed them "cars will be delivered to delaers 2 weeks later" And she also added: "After the deep investigation, they have decided that this is not a serious failure. It can be fixed, no need to re-produce. Thus, Subaru planing to fix the problem ASAP not re-produce." She couldn't tell me when the fix will be applied and I can drive. She mentioned that they are waiting update from Subaru. But I don't think this will take long time because parking all those cars are extra cost for both Subaru and Toyota! snip---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Unless the Cyclone took them down, the line should be restarted (or restarting). 🤞🤞👀
  14. Should be under 24 hours now!😁🤞🤞
  15. Step 1: Restart production with fixed parts / procedures. Step 2: get parts and procedures out there to fix already built units quickly.
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