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  1. Hiya.... you have moved this topic to the 'Estima Forum', but I thought that this WAS the Estima Forum? I know that I'm not too Forum-Savvy, so where has this post gone to please, can you share the link? Thank you.
  2. So, a short update. The vanity mirror lights only work if the car's electrics are switched 'on', so that was easy to sort out. The tailgate problem still persists. I've watched lots of youtube vids and they all show younger toyotas having their tailgates lowered, as opposed to heightened. But even then my tailgate buttons do not make the sounds that the video's do. I think its because they are a younger model to my 2011 version. My push button on my tailgate doesnt activate the powerlift either. It unlocks the lid, but doesnt rise up electronically. Also..... the actual rubber button to manually open the tailgate has a smaller, rounded button next to it which emits a long ( 6-8sec ) bleep, but doesnt seem to operate anything. I have spoken to 'Nippon auto Spares' in Derby who were helpful in telling me the smaller button is for a 'smart' key. I was totally lost at that point! Here is a pic of the tailgate button that doesnt lift the lid, just unlocks it on my car.
  3. Yes, 2.4 petrol. It's just great! I presume that it doesnt have a spare tyre, so, if you have a puncture, what do you do?
  4. Thanks for all of that info, I'll have a look at the things that you mention later. Cheers.
  5. So! I spent my money and bought this absolute beauty!!! I love it! Obviously there are one or two issues that I thought that experienced owners may have the answer to, if you dont mind. # The volume controls on the steering wheel don't appear to work on the Pioneer AVH-X595BT head unit. Its no Big Deal really. # There is no sat nav on this unit. I can use Waze on my android phone, and she will give me audio directions, but without a map being displayed. # I have downloaded my phone book onto the unit via Bluetooth, I have to 'speak to google' to do a hands-free search. My phone needs to be 'open' to use this way of finding and ringing someone. # The rear tailgate only raises up ( its electric ) about 5ft so is dangerous. I can physically push it up the extra 12 inches , but why doesnt it raise up to full height initially? # As I've said before, the dashboard is still in Japanese , KMH and not MPH, which I would like changed. # Vanity Mirror lights in sun visor do not work Thanks for your time..... 😊 She has full leather throughout, heated front seats, electric foldaway 3rd row seats, loads of small drawers and storage, black, course, 'plastically' , named 'Estima' carpets, dvd/cd player, front and rear sensors, tinted windows and comes in a gold colour. I love her!!! 💝
  6. ...and what do I have to get if I don't have Apple gadgets? I have a Moto G5 phone and can't see me having an iphone etc. Cheers.
  7. Thanks Billy Bob, I think that I will do just that. I drove the car back home, 85 miles, and I just love it!! Just WOW! It hasnt come with any handbooks or info on what button do what, so I'll have a look at You tube vids to gleam some knowledge. I have learnt that the indicators are on the right hand side of the steering wheel though and the wipers on the left! lol
  8. Cheers. I will need to be a computer expert by the sound of it! lol All theses 'add ons',, 'Apple play', 'apps' etc. I'm sure I can ask a young person how it all works! Thanks again for all the info.
  9. Thanks for your reply. It is an October 2011 Estima, imported in July '22. I dont think it needs to be swapped to MPH and looking at the screen ( it has bluetooth for phone, radio , rear view camera etc) I dont thnk I will bother with the sat nav. I'll always be travelling with the wife and she ALWAYS knows the correct road to take! Thanks for your replies..... I am picking it up tomorrow....I'm so excited!! 😊
  10. Thank you both for that info. Yes, it has a full MOT. Is there any problem with leaving the KMH rather than MPH? Being as I am not electrically minded ( or tech savvy, actually) it looks like the 'add on' option will be best for me and least intrusive if changing things can cause additional problems. I will have to find out how to do that if/when I need to. I will try to find out why it has not been changed from KMH to MPH before viewing and let you know. Cheers.
  11. I visited Jap Motors (?) in Leopold St, Birmingham. The young man, Dan, seemed very knowledgeable about these cars. I also visited A1 Cars B'ham (?) near Solihull. He wasn't so convincing. It's just my opinion.
  12. Hi Everybody! I think that I maybe purchasing a 2.4 petrol Estima this week. It lacks an English satnav and hasnt been changed to MPH. I live in Nuneaton and wondered if both of these jobs can be done by a decent mechanic and what would the cost be? I dont need anything too 'bells and whistles' where the satnav is concerned. Thank you for your time. Cheers.
  13. Hiya. I am in the same boat...nearly. I am thinking of buying a 2011 Estima but it has not been changed form KPH to MPH, is this a problem and does it cost much to correct? It looks like I will also need too change the satnav to the English version, so I would like advise on where to go to have this done etc. I live not far from you, just across the A5 in Warwickshire.
  14. How does the Estima 3.5 insurance costs compare to my 2019 Kuga 2.0l titanium? Cheers. Being as I dont have a reg no ( because I havent bought a car yet ) I cant get a bog standard quote off the comparisons sites to get a guide. Thank you.
  15. Is the Aeras 3.5i the V6 version of the Estima??
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