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  1. I have had the car for nearly a year and a half but i washed it on sunday and there was always a stain from water collecting in one corner i went on a long spin on sunday which was a very hot day i think it was a combination of getting soaked then toasted by the turbo made it weak causing the hole . But if most of you have it taken ofwithout problem im happy enough its nice to be able to see down on the decat. Thanks, Paul. P.S Have to get blue hose,s now!!!!
  2. Hi the bonnet lining was gone from my 4 when i bought it which was good as it saved me doing it but the plastic cover under the vent and the small vent were still there .The problem i have is a hole has come in the cover under the big mesh vent is it ok to remove this or should i have removed it ages ago to let out the heat.???
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    Thanks Tony thats perfect thanks mate.
  4. rallymad


    Hi does the chassie number on a carlos st 185 start differently from a standard st185 Thanks Paul
  5. Thanks for the info they really look the job have to get them now . they really fit in well is that a boot controller where the clock is normally what type is it thinking of getting one going all out on the 4 for the new year. I have looked at them on NENGUN PERFORMANCE seem fairly well priced. Thanks again, Paul
  6. XMAS is on the way and my better half has asked me what i want. thinking defi din gauges would be nice if i get these what will i need to get them running on my 4? i dont have any gauges in it at the moment so what will i need to run two temp gauges and the boost gauge?? Does anyone have these in there 4 or pics of one fitted. Thank Paul.
  7. rallymad

    Xs Power

    Hi does anyone have an XS POWER decat on there 4 or know anything about them such as will they match up ok with the stock pipes are they as good as the aussie ?? Would love to know Thanks Paul
  8. I dont know about the studs but i got these 18s 225 40for mine which were designed for the gt4 there made my ROTA and are light weight perfect fit no problems http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j157/ral...-06-07_2202.jpg
  9. rallymad

    Turbo Lag

    No worries Paul Questions are what the forum is here for. Unfortuanately boost creep on the stock turbo is a bit hit and miss some cars get it some don't. However the general consensus is keep a setion of the exhaust to 2.5" diameter and you'll be ok, I assume from you post that your keeping the stock flexi section? This will be fine and should keep everything in check, and the Assuie DP will mate up to this nicely. In my case I've gone for the Aussie 3" DP and Aussie 3" flexi but with the Sports cat in it, this provides a bit of extra back pressure to the system and helps keep things in check nicely on my car. Also the Nur Spec is actually only 70mm bore which is about 2.7" not 3" like most people seem to think. However this setup was a bit of a gamble on my par as other have the same setup and still seem to get a bit of creep but mine holds nicely at 14PSI with the stock boost control system. I wouldn't go for the 3" flexi in your case as the Apexi is a full 3" system and one of the ones known to cause creep problems. Keep the stock flexi in place and you should be fine, but also get a decent boost gauge if you haven't already so you can keep an eye on things properly. Thanks for all the advise you have cleared up all my questions ill get the decat and see how i go from there .I dont have a boost gauge but one is on the cards very soon. Thanks again Paul
  10. rallymad

    Turbo Lag

    Could someone explain to me what exactly is boost creep and how do i avoid it as im doing all of the above mods Thanks Paul OK let me know if I loose you at any point. The stock CT20b toyota turbo controls it boost level by way of an internal wastegate, which once the require pressure has been achived redirects some the exhaust gases so that it by-passes the exhaust turbine thus maintaining the boost level at a steady level. Due to the design of the twin scroll exhaust housing on these turbos, the wastegate path is particularly angled. At stock operating pressures and exhaust this isn't a problem because the back pressure in the system causes the speed of exhuast gas going through the turbo to be resonably slow which also causes your original problem of laggy response. Now when you remove the Cat and exhaust and replace with nice free flowing items the back pressure in the system is reduced massively and the speed of the exhaust gases improves dramatically, this in turn allows the exhaust turbine to spin faster and produce boost more easily. The down side to this is that because of the angle and nasty path of the wastegate on the stock turbo, if you go to free on the exhaust then you get to a point where the wastegates flow ability is overcome. This basically means that the wastegate is unable to divert enough gas to limit the boost pressure. When this happens you get uncontrollable boost rise i.e. you want to be running up to 17PSI but end up running 25PSI. This is very different to boost spike which is when you get a brief rise in boost pressure which then settles back down to normal pressure. With boost creap depending upon the amount of creap the boost levels becomes completely uncontrollable and will end up putting holes in your engine... Thanks for the info now i dont know what to do is it safe to do the mod or not is there a way to keep an eye on this or better still stop it from happening . Is this garunted to happen i see you have the mod done do you find the boost going out of control on your 4?????? Also will the aussie decat connect straight to the stock exhaust as i have a apexi backbox and with the idea of holes in my engine im getting afraid would i get much powergain with just the decat and apexi backbox . Sorry for all the questions. Thanks again Paul
  11. rallymad

    Turbo Lag

    Could someone explain to me what exactly is boost creep and how do i avoid it as im doing all of the above mods Thanks Paul
  12. HI thinking of getting ss3 rear bumper corner splitters for my 97 gt4 will they fit or are there corner splitters especially for gt4s or maybe just a set of mud guards ???? Anyone know what i a get for her theres nothing there but bolt holes at the moment i think it was lightened of them on the boat
  13. Thanks for that part number ill get down to MR T and order a set Thanks again
  14. Cool, thanks for the info! I thought it strange Chris couldn't find them as most of the SSIIIs that I've seen in Ireland have the projector headlights... Right here's the prices I got today (10% discount also available on this price) from my local dealer (Jemca on the Edgeware Road): Rear lights £63.81 each & VAT (strangely more expensive than FenSport!?!? :ffs: ) Strut brace: £50.14 & VAT Covers: £10.22 each & VAT I also priced carpet mats: £37.82 & VAT Hope this helps someone out there! Hi Would you happen to have the part numbers for those mats you ordered im badly stuck for a set my local toyota dealer is not the best when it comes to unusual parts would be greatfull if you could pass it on to me Thanks paul
  15. rallymad

    Roof Vent

    Hi Does anyone know where i can get a roof vent for my 97 gt4 like the rally spec one"s. Any ideas??????????????
  16. rallymad

    Car Mats

    Hi Does anyone know where i can get genuine mats for my 97 gt4 or know the part number of them. Thanks guys
  17. Does anyone know what make this strut is???? http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j157/ral...-03-07_1429.jpg i cant find any marking on it id just like to know think ill change it to a stock one do they come with the leather cover or is that seperate????????? Thanks Paul.
  18. A friend of mine bought a 98 beams the other day and wans to get a exhaust system who makes one for the beams engine does anyone know ???
  19. rallymad

    New Gt4

    Spot on with the radiator split after the spin home put one in over the weekend gave her a full service and timing belt too . Ill order the springs in the morning wheels already bought them . i want to decat her and put on an exhaust system . What is the mongoose system like ? does any one have it or would i be better spending the cas on the blitz
  20. rallymad

    New Gt4

    Need to raise up the car the springs on it are way to low for the irish roads i still want the car lowered but not that much which should i go for TEINS at 37mm or TRD at 25mm as im putting on 18in wheels any suggestions please
  21. rallymad

    New Gt4

    here are a few pictures of my 4 need to do a few jobs to her to get her the way i want her will be asking a lot of questions to you 4 experts on here . Getting new rims in the morning first mod on a long list. http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j157/rallymad/gt4.jpg http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j157/ral...-02-07_1557.jpg http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j157/ral...-02-07_1554.jpg http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j157/ral...-02-07_1518.jpg http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j157/ral...-03-07_1817.jpg http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j157/ral...-03-07_1254.jpg
  22. rallymad

    New Gt4

    just purchased a 97 gt4 today the day has finally come will post pics when i collect the car on thursday . o my god its fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. it would be nice to run her on it alright but only shell stations and one or two more sell it and around where we live the nearest would be 20 miles away . not to mention the price of it. A friend of mine has an sti impreza and she has to run 98 octane but he has added a device on the fuel line which makes it run perfect without causing harm to the engine .
  24. Hi my buddy just bought an ALTEZZA which has a beams engine does he have to run her on super unleaded or is normal unleaded ok i it does need super can anything be done to run her on 95 octane.
  25. I bought the blocks of ebay had them in 4 days was very happy but my painter said they were pourise when he paited them and had to use a good few coats to seal them and then fitting them took a bit of modification if i was back again i would have went genuine you cant beat the perfect fit.
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