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  1. Brilliant, hopefully that’s just that. Shouldn’t be too bad repair-wise too. Thanks for advice mate.
  2. I haven’t checked anything yet other than there are no leaks. I suspect this might be to do with the heat shield as the previous owner mentioned something about it being tampered with and I got a “spare” one in the boot. I’ve not looked into it yet and the car has been making no strange noises until yesterday. I have a garage booked in in a week so will see then, and for now I just want to know if I should keep driving. I work from home so wouldn’t add many miles to it.
  3. Noticed this yesterday, usually happens on 5/6th gear on low rev accelerating, but also sometimes on lower gears. It seems to start when the engine is warmed up. Video: Any ideas what’s the cause?
  4. Yup, turned out to be both of them gone and now replaced.
  5. Thanks. Bought two bulbs, replaced one (the other one is still stuck, will try again tomorrow). The other one works so a good sign! Car wasn't used much before I bought it. Should've checked when I got it 🙂
  6. Looks good to me. The other one I can't unplug easily, it got stuck in the socket.
  7. So today in the traffic a driver who was behind me kindly pointed out my brake lights were not working. I checked and the 3rd light works just fine, just not the main brake lights. The position lights work, and AFAIK they share the same bulbs. What should I do/check before making a trip to the garage?
  8. I've used my phone's torch to see if there's anything there, and there isn't. So it definitely doesn't have it.
  9. I pulled the owner's manual, and it shows a control light next to the right indicator but the description is "tail light (if equipped)". The icon looks like the one I'd associate with headlights. I'm baffled.
  10. Cool, I'll give it a go then 🙂
  11. Hmm, that's weird. I wonder whether someone tampered with the interior and replaced the dash. I don't seem to have the rotary switch to change the backlight intensity either.
  12. It's early mk3, yes, it has auto lights. High beam have a blue control light. I don't have a code reader, will get one and check. It has got the red line at 6k. The lights and auto lights work just fine, but no control light on the dash for either. So high beam and fog lights (both front and rear) have a control light.
  13. It's the 2012 Yaris Spirit, which I think is a higher trim model. It's got the rev counter, but the diagram I linked shows that even the rev counter equipped dash doesn't have it. It's just very odd to me that there are lights for every other function but not for the lights.
  14. Right, that's the indicator I was expecting to see.
  15. Thanks for the help. I have taken the car out this afternoon and it seems to be revving all the way up. I think I might have jumped the gun here 🙂 I swear though in the motorway traffic yesterday I heard the engine revving up but the gauge didn't even twitch above 3k. Maybe this is normal too.
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