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  1. As you may remember, I sold the T180 a few months ago. I came across an EGR valve in my garage I'd been rotating. See ebay for details if interested? Item Number : 121369697643 Cheers
  2. Ebay UK Item Number:121369697643 £60
  3. what were the types of driving that were done in this 1k miles? DPFs can have both good and bad issues with them, plenty of other manufactures having issues with them failing, Think Ford have them replaced as part of a service schedule Alex 80% Motorways and Fast A Roads
  4. Most probably . . . . However I *think* there maybe an issue in the way the DPF regen works. As over Christmas & New Year we did over 1000 miles of driving. So how come February the DPF is fully blocked was beyond me
  5. Read the comments... I am in no way bashing any other chips, but please note the much fabled Lindop Chip Kit caused our car to go into Limp Mode 3 times. Each time it was resolved by disconnecting. It's a shame as when it was connected it worked slightly better than the chip we used latterly. The new chip worked flawlessly. . . . As to whether it caused excess soot build up .. . I can't tell you for sure. But I sincerely doubt it. Even during periods of having no chip fitted the car I felt was always sooting up (so to speak). I cleaned the EGR valve twice and it was almost near choked. So I can only imagine what the DPF was like. KL ps. That reminds me, I have a spare EGR valve in the garage if anyone wants it for pennies!
  6. Hi Steve, I sent you a PM with details
  7. All, It's been a pleasure lurking on these forums over the last few years. I feel I need to make one more post to benefit anyone else that has the same problems I've encountered. Essentially last year the car went into limp mode (May '13) and upon taking it to the Toyota dealer it was discovered that there was a problem with the DPF filter. The error code was P2002 (low flow pressure or such like) I believe. Toyota cleaned out the pipes serving the DPF and carried out a force regeneration at a cost of £300 Roll forward to 2 weeks ago and the same error occurred. Toyota tried the same tricks, this time charging me £300 for removing and refitting new pipes and they tried to carry out a forced regeneration (unsuccessfully). They quoted £2.1k to replace the DPF filter but the Service Manager suggested I trade in the car as is!! I wasn't prepared to do this, so I did a lot of research and they're plenty of options out there (some legal and some not so). In the end we went to a Bosch Service Centre (Bradbury Motor Group - Near Edinburgh) and they carried out a DPF pressure tests and clean. When the car came in, there was a massive pressure imbalance. 35mb before the DPF and only 4mb after. However after the DPF solution clean and extended 45min drive in 4th gear over 3500rpm, the pressure ready 19mb before and 16mb after DPF. So restriction has clearly been removed. They charged a tenth of the price Toyota wanted for the new DPF. Anyway, we've decided to sell the Rav 4 T180 with my reverse camera and Xenon light upgrades :-( as I have no confidence that the DPF clogging won't come back again and as it's my wife's car I couldn't be bothered with the hassle. The car did over 1000 miles during the Christmas period but still couldn't regenerate as I wasn't driving in the correct way perhaps? Who knows.... We're moving onto a the new 5 Series Touring, 520D M Sport. Looking forward to getting over 50mpg instead of 28MPG.. I have a tuning chip should anyone want for sale, I'd sell it for buttons All the very best
  8. Just an FYI should someone stumble on this post down the line, the intermittent behaviour was caused by a blown fuse. Unbelievably this wasn't even picked up by Toyota but by a Bosch Service Centre (Bradbury Group) as part of another investigation
  9. Changing the EGR has made no tangible difference whatsoever KL
  10. Funny, we recently got our best ever MPG. We did a 250 mile round trip on undulating roads and the OBC and Brim to Brim were exactly the same. 39MPG Back to city driving and we're down in the doldrums at 30MPG
  11. All, Just looking for a bit of advice here. You may remember that I posted on the camera upgrade thread http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/72730-maintenanceimprovements-43-rear-camera-installation-part-1/page-10 Anyway the camera I installed over 6 months ago has started to become buggy. If the car is cold it can sometimes work for a few seconds but then it turns grey and the monitor pictures starts scrolling up (looping). It's been like this for 2 weeks now. The question is, do you think it's the camera or my wiring? or Both? KL
  12. Unfortunately my figures were erroneous . . . They were based on calculations from a entirely different pump. I only realised when I checked another receipt the other day. Car was driven to Aberdeen and back today. 240 miles, 35 litres used = 31.3 MPG I changed the EGR valve and gave the air filter a clean out. Let's see if it makes any difference. The EGR was pretty clogged up
  13. New Engine, I've had to send away for a new V5
  14. I will just keep the receipts and work out the difference between B2B and OBC, won't reset. Instead will just average out
  15. Yes they gave me someone receipt the first time round. In reality I 'guess' the car took about 30 litres, but I wasn't looking. So my first calcs were absolutely wrong. Second calcs are correct
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