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  1. No, the window is screwed too! It's been almost five months, and I've still not sorted this out!! I reckon the curtains will be fitted before the rear electrics are fixed
  2. I'm assuming then that this trip is being sorted by 'the other forum' I need to start thinking about booking the time off work.
  3. Thanks for the heads up Ken, I found him over there, had a good chat on the phone. Turns out we were looking at eachothers cars at JAE, we will be looking out for eachotherat the show this year.
  4. Cool, cheers Ken. I might nip over to their forum and say hi. Just out of interest, how do you know him, mate? P.s. Any Ring details yet?
  5. All I know of him, is that he drives a Yota, he is a member of "the toyota club", he lives in Enfield with his wife Gwen (she is Welsh), he has recently been on a trip to Ireland for a car show with the club, and he is my Mothers Cousin.
  6. Okay, my rear wiper, the rear washer, and the rear window have all stopped working. Surely these don't all share the same fuse? Any ideas folks? Oh! It's a KZN-185 by the way
  7. I've been told that I have a relative that is a member of the toyota club I was wondering if they meant this one, anyone on here called Brian Tucker? If so we're second cousins
  8. Come say Hi on Nutz (www.mx5nutz.com) [/end of hijack]
  9. Howdie folks, I've been told that the next stage of tuning for my car (an MX-5) would involve bigger injectors, as the duty cycle of mine is almost maxed out. I've been advised that the Yota Supra injectors fit without to much effort, and to look out for 320cc's. Did they change the injector design between the different marks of Supra? Will they all fit the same block? Does anyone have any spare that I could buy? Etc, etc!
  10. Depends on cash my friend ........ I'm broke! And while we're posting random action shots, here's a drift I didn't quite pull off correctly ;)
  11. I'll have a look tomorrow, and let you know.
  12. Hey all, Where can I find the fuse for the electric rear window, and the rear wiper on my KZN-185? They have both packed up at the same time, so I'm assuming it'll be a fuse. This happened to anyone else?
  13. Depends on how you look at it?!?!?! It's taxed and tested etc, but has no screenwash bottle, no cat etc.
  14. What tinkering? You've only just bought the !Removed! great fast red thing (but I'm not jealous )
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