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  1. I’m going to have a look tomorrow again , have done the short out procedure a couple of times to make sure everything is synced . It’s prob going to turn out it’s something simple !
  2. Hi I tried that yesterday , no joy . I spoke to my auto electrician/ remap man today , he’s going to look at it in a week or so . He did say that it’s highly unlikely that it’s the immo that’s the problem as the car was driving when it stopped . Apparently the immobiliser is only used to start the car and is disabled when running , he said manufacturers are not allowed to incorporate as a fault in immo stops car when driving . Makes sense 👍
  3. No none of them , I’ve really run out of ideas now I think it’s had it ! It’s very hard to program out the imobiliser apparently !
  4. I’ve no resistance between pink and ground and no resistance between beige and ground
  5. Yes tried that a few times , still no joy . I’ve double checked everything and found no faults or breaks , just going to get mapped out now
  6. Hi with my in-depth scanner software it’s displaying P0880 fault code and also says transponder ring faulty I’ve changed it makes no difference . It says chip ok 👍 but wrong key ?? I’m just going to send Ecu away and get immobiliser programmed out of it as doing my head in now lol 😂
  7. Ok I’ve checked the continuity on all the imobiliser cables , on the aerial to the immo I have continuity and 8 ohm resistance I would of thought that would change when you presented a key , but it doesn’t , I’ve tried with 2 aerials and both are the same . I’ve pp2000 ( Peugeot 107 software ) I’m going to plug that in and see what that brings up ! It’s almost like the keys have been forgotten . I’m confident that the cabling is 100% Ill keep going ! And update on progress . cheers 🍻
  8. Hi had a real good go at this today , everything is looking good apart I can’t locate plug A35/A36 says engine Ecu . Only have 2 plugs on my Ecu . Can you help with location . Cheers mark
  9. Absolutely fantastic , it’s a bit hot today to be in the sun so I’m going to have a real go tomorrow . Armed with wiring diagrams makes sense more . Thank you I’ll keep you updated 👍
  10. Yep I’ll give all that a go 👍
  11. I’ve added an extra ground to white black cable still nothing
  12. White black stripe from immo plug to ground have continuity and between 0.1 and 0.2 ohms resistance cheers
  13. Beige on immo is going to purple on Ecu as per photo below resistance on both is 0.3 ohm
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