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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new enough to posting on forums but i thought i'd give a go and see what you guys through at me in terms of advice and tips in the right direction! I have an E11 1.4 16V Toyota Corolla year 2000, iv'e been having problems with smoke, oil burn and after researching and doing a lot of reading i think that the PCV valve might need replacing and you might say to yourself well why don't you just buy one then well heres the thing, after been a Nissan nut for years iv'e only made the conversion and jumped to the other side and bought a Toyota, in a nutshell how do i narrow down what PCV valve will actually fit my Corolla? Iv'e been looking online and there are loads to choose from on loads of website for Toyota's but i'd imagine there must be differences between the pcv valves on all Toyotas VVTi engines big and small in terms of the PCV's, so: Where and how would i determine a specific part number for the PCV if its not on the old one? Is there any specific trusted websites i could then buy one from? Sounds muddled up and far fetched buy hope you guys might be able to help me with this. Thanks in advance! Darren
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