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  1. Thanks! The parking drum/brake did sudenly get hot and wear out. A new brake disc and drum brake pads was installed by a dealer and I thought they hade fixed it, bit not. It started to stick again shortly after, and I did adjust the adjustment screw myself, now 3 times and it all repeat it self again... The wheel rotate with force and only after adjusting the adjustment screw for parking brake/drum it spinns freely. So I believe it is all related to the brake drum/parking brake. Parking brake cable moves freely. I am suspecting the screw moving by it self after reinstall/using the car? Could it be some parts of the drum mechanism installed incorrectly? Adjustment screw is att its end position with only 1 click before drum brake is starting to apply, so very little margine there. Maybe lock the adjustment screw to end position by locking wire, or it starts moving by it self? Thanks
  2. On My 2001 T22 Avensis the rear brakes have disc with drum brake for the parking brake. I have problem with the drum/parking brake getting hot. I adjust it with the adjustment wheel behind the disc to the loosest/shortest level and the wheel spinns free, but after Short drive/usage the brake gets hot again? What is wrong?
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