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  1. Denmark is small.. Just like the AYGO
  2. IMO it’s the clutch… I have an AYGO X 2022 pure, and as habit I liked to reverse up the driveway up an incline (about 1%).. The there was the smell of burning clutch.. I believe that the biting point in see quite high and the car gets temperamental at low speeds while reversing - as you are always massaging the biting point… So now I drive straight in to the driveway instead)
  3. Entirely my bad… Confused the car and a trip to the opticians is warranted.. I just assumed, as the driver side looks armed… Anyway.. Thanks peeps.. Onwards and upwards…
  4. I own a 2022 AYGO X Pure.. Absolutely love it.. 5 speed manual.. fuel consumption is amazing, not slow for what it is.. A perfect city car
  5. So.. In my 2022 AYGO Pure as I start driving the drivers door engages the lock.. I have, however, noticed that the door on the passengers side does not arm the lock.. Is this normal? Thanks in advance ..
  6. Ok… I just bought a brand new 2022 AYGO Pure (manual). Absolutely love it!🥰.. What was a pleasant surprise is the fuel consumption. Had to take care of business in Luton, so took a trip down the M25 and then the M1.. Was driving steadily, using cruise control when able.. The were one or two slow patches - bumper to bumper/stop start. But overall was driving steadily 60 and at times 65.. Bottom line is the trip computer showed 64.8 MPG average!!! My Toyota RAV4 Hybrid that had traded in was no where near …🤨.. So was pleasantly surprised that it performed better than the manufacturers published figures.. It seems with current fuel prices, the future is after the AYGO. Has anyone else had similar experiences?
  7. I just bought a 2022 AYGO x .. Absolutely love it.. Sort of recapturing my misspent youth.. 🤪
  8. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

    1. AygoIvan


      Thanks Steve! Just got a brand new AYGO 2022.. Absolutely love it) 

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