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  1. People keep calling it the space egg but I don’t see it. The first thing I thought when I saw this was, “that thing is shaped like a tuna”
  2. Howdy y’all! I just purchased this Toyota estima a couple days ago. When I bought it, I had it looked at and it was in perfect mechanical shape. No fluids leaking or anything like that. Drove it 300 miles back to my home and it drove just fine. Had a little intermittent squeal whenever I had the AC on but that disappeared after the first 100 miles on the road. I went to go transfer the title and register it here and while I was getting the vehicle inspection done, the oil level light turned on. Went home to take a look at it before going to the DMV to do the title transfer and what do ya know, there was oil leaking in it now. Just my luck… I can’t work until I have this fixed. It’s drive 200-300 miles a day delivering auto parts so it’s not safe to run the engine that long with an oil leak like this. this really bummed me out… I’m in love with this funky looking space tuna. It drives way better than I expected and gets ridiculously good fuel economy (this is the first Diesel engine I’ve ever owned) I attached some photos of where it looks like the oil is leaking from. Does anybody know what could possibly be causing this? Not a lot of people here in the states own right hand drive, diesel Toyotas. There’s only a couple places in this massive state that import them. The best import service shop near me is 250 miles away. this van only has 65,000 kilometers on the odometer. It did sit for quite a while without being driven according to the previous owner. Any ideas? All help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Howdy y’all! New member here from the USA. I just bought an imported 4wd 1993 2.2l turbo diesel Toyota estima and have been having a hard time finding any forums with people who have the same/similar vehicles as me. Not a lot of small Diesel engines here in the USA. I delivery auto parts for a living and I am starting my own long range delivery business which is exactly why I purchased a right hand drive diesel. Needed the fuel economy. I sold my 2011 reg cab 4x4 Toyota Tacoma to buy this estima. Made a 600 mile round trip to Dallas from San Antonio to purchase it. I can’t believe how fun this van is to drive! Nothing more addictI got than the sound of a turbo diesel. I never expected to love this van as much as I do. Handles better than the tiny taco did. I have affectionately named it the space tuna due to its bulbous physique. going to pull the rear seats out to make it into a cargo van. Also going to get the whole thing bed lined with raptor liner. There are some mechanical issues that need immediate attention but I’ll post about that in a different place. can’t wait to see what kind of knowledge this forum has to offer!
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